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Reception Area Signs

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Reception Area Signs

Make an excellent first impression with visitors and employees alike with attractive lobby signs

It’s said you have but one chance to make a good first impression. For many companies, organizations and nonprofits, it’s in their reception area where potential new clients, prospective employees and others are likely to form their initial thoughts.

You’ll make the most of this opportunity with creatively designed, professionally produced and expertly mounted lobby signs from Signs Now Plymouth. With them, you can:

  • Identify your facility. This will immediately put visitors at ease. After all, it’s likely that many will be making their first visit and may be unsure if they’ve arrived at their intended destination. A welcoming sign sets a positive note long before you ever get the chance to greet a guest personally.
  • Make a positive impact. With our reception area signage, you’ll make sure your company’s initial contact with a potential customer, partner, worker or vendor is memorable and positive.
  • Deliver a lasting impression. Our attractive lobby sign solutions will highlight the good design taste and professionalism of your organization. While your initial presentation has to be good, so must your long-term impression.
  • Define your operation. We’ll help ensure that your reception room signage fits your business. For example, a financial institution, insurance agency or law firm will be best served by a lobby sign that’s somewhat serious. It might feature strong colors but ones that are not too bright. In contrast, a daycare center could opt for a sign with a playful typeface along with colors and illumination that’s bright and cheerful.
  • Maintain a modern appearance. Reception signs need hardly be renewed frequently. But, if yours hasn't been updated in years, you run the risk of appearing as though your business is falling behind. There's a danger here of overfamiliarity. Owners may take a long-tenured lobby sign for granted, seeing it over time as merely "wallpaper." On the other hand, visitors will form a first and lasting impression from it. So, on occasion take a good hard look at your reception sign and also seek out the honest opinion of our pros or trusted others. A fresh lobby sign approach will assure your visitors that your operation is serious about keeping up with the latest methods.

Rely on your signage and graphics pros for complete solutions

If you are considering a new reception area sign, check in with the experts at Signs Now. Our signage pros will:

  • Custom design your new lobby signage. Look for attractive solutions from us that enhance your lobby’s appearance complements your overall facility decor. Of course, we’ll incorporate your logo, colors and typeface, paying close attention to your corporate identity guidelines.
  • Present multiple lobby sign options. They’ll set a standard for distinction and beauty while adhering to your budget. Custom 3D signs and letters, acrylic signs with standoffs, lightboxes and custom-engraved signs are but a few of your many attractive and affordable options! 
  • Measure your proposed application. This is important for new offices, to be sure, but also for existing ones. There’s both and science and art to positioning your lobby sign, and your current one may not occupy its optimal location. We’ll suggest a good solution or two.
  • Suggest your new sign’s best positioning. Within an office building, for example, many companies want to mount their reception room sign where it's easily visible through a hallway window or door. Others will want to position their lobby sign above the reception desk, where visitors will need to check-in before visiting an employee or otherwise proceeding.
  • Review additional ideas. For example, custom vinyl window graphics might work best for identifying your suite to passersby while a more impressive lobby sign would be better positioned within the office and above the reception desk. Perhaps a spotlight or dramatic backlighting could bring out the best in your presentation. Or, would a “history wall” as part of your reception room provide a perfect complement to your new signage? Don’t be surprised if we expose you to some additional creative considerations!
  • Consider your overall wayfinding strategy. Your reception room sign will serve as the first reference point for people entering your office … and the last one for those leaving it. But, what of your directional signage throughout your suite? If you make a major upgrade to your lobby sign, you might wish to also refresh your other wayfinding signs throughout your office to maintain a cohesive and professional presentation. 

Ready to take the next step with reception area signage?

Contact us today and set up a free quote. We’ll discuss your needs and find the solution best-suited to your business. You can count on Signs Now Plymouth for measurement and design as well as mounting or installation. Every location is a local source for custom graphics, signage and displays. Second-to-none in delivery time and quality signs, at Signs Now Plymouth, we take lobby signs seriously.


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