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Lightbox Signs in Rapid City

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Shine a light on your marketing with custom light boxes.

Whether you need a lightbox sign for use indoors or outdoors, Signs Now Rapid City can provide the design and installation services you're looking for. We proudly offer an extensive range of illuminated sign options that can easily be customized to suit any situation. These types of signs are often used for wayfinding purposes and are particularly helpful for businesses in a wide variety of industries.

What Are Lightbox Signs?

In terms of its most basic components, a lightbox sign is a box construction with a light installed in its interior that acts as a backlight for a custom-designed panel containing graphics, lettering, or a combination of the two. The backlighting makes these signs easily visible and legible in the dark, meaning they are particularly helpful outdoors but can also be useful inside in a more decorative format. Furthermore, these signs can make use of many display panels that can be changed out as needed, making them an excellent choice for businesses that want to have reusable signage that can be employed during different promotions or seasons. 

Curious to learn more about the different types of businesses that use lightbox signs? They are often used indoors at restaurants, retail stores, or even in public buildings. Outdoors, they can be used to direct guests and provide a visual anchor for businesses. They are also often used at hotels and warehouse facilities.

Start Your Project With Help From Signs Now Rapid City Today!

When you choose Signs Now Rapid City to design and install your lightbox sign, you can count on getting the end result you're looking for. We can conduct installation on monument signs or exterior walls to ensure your message is easily visible at any time of day. Most importantly, while these signs are electric, they are energy-efficient and affordable.

When building your lightbox, we will only use high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting in a wide range of weather conditions. We can also provide guidance that will help you choose the right sign size and location for your goals.

Are you ready to get started with our design team? Call (605) 721-6465 today to begin a lightbox sign project for your business in Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish, Hill City, Custer, the Black Hills area, or a nearby community. 

Call Signs Now Rapid City at (605) 721-6465 for more information.

Providing Lightbox Signs to Rapid City, Sturgis and Spearfish and surrounding areas.

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