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Digital Signage

Digital signs are a growing part of the sign industry. These electronic displays use technologies such as liquid crystal display (LCD), light-emitting diodes (LED) or projection to show various images and text. The content that the digital signs display is usually received as digital images, digital text or streaming media. The content can be managed through computers, and the images and text that these signs show can be preprogrammed and changed on specified time intervals. Signs Now Rockford can present many options for your digital signage needs depending on the type of business you have and your advertising goals.

We install digital signs in various locations such as public places, restaurants, retail stores and stadiums. Digital signs are convenient and energy efficient. Signs Now Rockford can create digital signs for you in different shapes and sizes and for various purposes. You can see them in any airport or train station where the schedules are displayed. Since they can be managed from a central computer, the information change can be triggered on demand. Many restaurants use digital signs to showcase their menu dynamically. You will see digital signs in malls and retail stores where they are being used for advertising purposes. With their bright displays, they are eye catching and effective in brand-building efforts. Because the information displayed on the digital screen can be changed dynamically, it is perceived as a live feed. This is a methodology that is used to influence customer behavior. Signs Now Rockford will advise you and suggest design and setup ideas for your digital signs so they can make your customers’ experience more positive.

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