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Post & Panel Signs

Go bigger and bolder with custom post and panel signs.

Attractive, readily customizable and as large as you need them to be, post-and-panel signs from Signs Now are popular signage solutions for many applications. They’re affordable, too. As their name implies, these signage solutions consist of a message panel sandwiched between two posts.

Another plus to their simplicity? Post-and-panel signs are relatively quick to design, fabricate and install when compared to many other signage options.

A short drive around town will reveal that post-and-panel sign systems are used in both temporary and permanent signage applications to:

  • Identify buildings, malls and other sites including stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, libraries, city halls and more
  • Promote new developments including offices, malls and multi-home sites such as subdivisions, apartments or condominiums as eye-catching real estate signposts
  • Advertise commercial, office or residential spaces as for-lease signage
  • Alert passersby to buildings or vacant lots as for-sale signs
  • Name new buildings under construction as well as the contractor, architect and completion date
  • Serve as campus-wide wayfinding signage solutions that direct people, for example, to various college or hospital departments, administration buildings and parking facilities  
  • Point cars, buses, delivery vehicles and construction trucks to certain entrances or routes as directional signage

Post & Panel Signs: Customization Options

Attractive in their own right, one added beauty of post-and-panel signs from Signs Now is the ease with which they can be customized to your particular needs. Rely on us to review your options and create one-of-a-kind designs (depending on material) with:

  • Carving or sandblasting
  • Changeable-letter sets
  • Custom-shaped panels (beyond simple rectangles)
  • Custom-sized signs; they can be made as small or large as your display needs dictate and local regulations allow
  • Cut-vinyl logos and letters
  • Decorative posts
  • Designer post caps
  • Dimensional lettering
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Lighting — external lighting options include spotlights and internal lighting choices include LED illumination or incandescent lights
  • Special paints and finishes

Post & Panel Signs: Available Materials

Made to order per your communications needs and your signage budget, custom post-and-panel signs from Signs Now are fabricated in any number of materials. We’ll review your signage choices and recommend to you the optimal solution from selections including:

  • Alumalite™ post-and-panel signs 
  • Aluminum post-and-panel signs
  • Metal post-and-panel signs
  • Foam-core post-and-panel signs
  • MDO post-and-panel signs (i.e., medium density overlay post-and-panel signs)
  • Plywood post-and-panel signs
  • HDU post-and-panel signs (i.e., high-density urethane post-and-panel signs)
  • PVC post-and-panel signs (i.e., polyvinylchloride post-and-panel signs)
  • Wood post-and-panel signs

Questions & Answers

What Are the Most Popular Types of Post-And-Panel Signs, And Why?

  • Aluminum post-and-panel signs: Well-liked because of their modern look and all-weather durability, aluminum post-and-panel signs can be custom painted, fabricated with a natural metallic finish, or backed with a laminated vinyl. These are sometimes termed extruded-aluminum post-and-panel signs (i.e., aluminum that's been stretched or flattened). They are also known as Alumalite™ post-and-panel signs (i.e., a brand-name aluminum composite panel or ACP with a high-density corrugated polypropylene core).
  • Foam-core post-and-panel signs: These solutions can be easily routed for a carved-wood effect, painted or surfaced in a stucco finish. Lightweight, economical and amazingly durable, foam post-and-panel signs are often used as monument signs.
  • MDO post-and-panel signs: Featuring a laminated wood core and a vinyl surface, MDO or medium density overlay is a popular signage material that features a smooth white finish that’s readily painted. Relatively inexpensive and easy to customize, MDO post-and-panel signs are designed (and priced) for temporary applications such as at construction sites.
  • Multipurpose post-and-panel signs: Today's post-and-panel aren't always made of one material but are often constructed of several. It’s not uncommon, for example, to incorporate a lightbox or LED display in an aluminum post-and-panel sign. Posted in front of a shopping center, the LED (light-emitting diode) panel allows users to promote various stores or display scrolling messages to passing motorists.

Ready to Begin Benefiting from Affordable Post-And-Panel Signs? See Signs Now!

Whether it’s a simple, one-time graphic or an entire project’s worth of signage and displays, count on Signs Now. We “bring to the table” not only creative ideas but also experience on how to get your job done on target, on time and on budget. That includes it all — from measurement and design to expert installation. Of course, it all begins with a free consultation. Let’s sit down soon to discuss your needs and review our solutions. Call or visit today. 

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