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Pole Banners in Tampa

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Bring your business to new heights with custom pole banners. 

Street banners, light pole banners, boulevard banners, avenue banners – whichever name you’re familiar with, there’s no denying that pole banners are a popular choice among business owners, school campuses and throughout local communities. Perfect for exhibitions, concerts, holidays and special events, banners from Signs Now South Tampa can be mounted above pedestrian sidewalks to give a neighborhood character or installed above parking lots on light posts to indicate lot names. 

If you’re searching for versatile signage that’ll serve up impressions in close quarters and compact spaces as well as from afar, pole banners from Signs Now South Tampa are the ideal solution. 

How are pole banners designed? 

At Signs Now South Tampa, our outdoor pole banners are manufactured from vinyl or other fabric and are affixed vertically to light poles or even to the sides of buildings. What differentiates them from standard vinyl banners is how they’re installed: the top and bottom of a boulevard banner is secured via pole pockets to metal rods. These rods typically extend out from street posts or lamp posts, though clients have installed these banners using rods on concrete columns, storefronts and more. 

Ties placed through grommets secure each banner in place, preventing them from blowing away or sliding off in inclement weather. 

How do I install pole banners? 

You can install your banner on your own or seek assistance from a qualified professional. Whether you’ll need assistance or not will usually depend on the availability of mounting brackets – if there are preinstalled mounting brackets on your post or pole, you may be fine on your own. If not, you may need a professional to help. 

Two steel bands are required to fasten each mounting bracket to the lamppost. Then a fiberglass or aluminum arm must be inserted into each bracket (these are what you’ll hang your banner on). To secure the arms to the bracket, you’ll often need to drive a threaded screw into each one. 

Slide each pole pocket onto their corresponding arm until both are completely covered by the graphics. Feel free to take advantage of the provided grommets to add extra stability, using zip-ties, ropes or other fasteners. 

Make sure that your proposed site for installation falls in line with regulation code requirements, and that you obtain the proper state and local permits for suspended signage. The Signs Now South Tampa team can provide guidance with local permitting, too! 

How are pole banners maintained? 

As is the case with any vinyl banner, this type of banner should be wiped down with a mixture of warm water and soap. Avoid using chemical cleaners or placing your banners in the washing machine. Either allow the material to air dry or wipe the face down with a non-abrasive or microfiber towel. 

If you want to reuse your banners again in the future, store them in a cool, dry location, devoid of direct sunlight or exposure to the elements in order to maximize their longevity and keep them looking fresh for years. 

Ready to start designing pole banners? Contact Signs Now South Tampa to set up a free consultation and start discussing your needs today. 

Call Signs Now South Tampa at (813) 878-2225 for more information.

Providing Pole Banners to Tampa, Clearwater, Largo FL and surrounding areas.

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Chris has been very accommodating during the ever-changing requests during the construction of our warehouse start up. He's been great to work with, quick to provide pricing and proofs to review and very patient with our layers of decision making. He owns and operates, and they do a great job of installing quickly when we've requested. Only thing I'd change is clarifying the post colors for a more professional look than the raw wood but we had some temporary signage and some permanent.

Chelsea G, Buske Lines, Inc, June 2023.