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Own A Franchise - Startup Guide

Own a Franchise - Startup Guide 

Signs Now prides itself on being able to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to purchase an existing center. Our business growth and financial management expertise helps us to create more opportunities for new business owners to continue their operations.

Existing Signs Now Centers

From time to time, Signs Now members who have planned for their exit strategy will leave our system. This provides the opportunity to buy one of our existing franchise centers. Candidates buying existing franchise centers enjoy the benefits of purchasing a Signs Now branded location while having the opportunity to make that business their own with the support of our proven business systems.

Contact us to learn if an existing Signs Now center may be for sale in your area.

Financial Requirements

When purchasing an existing center, there are four primary components one should consider.

1. Purchase Price - This will be decided between the seller and the buyer. We, the franchisor, are committed to helping each party agree to an equitable arrangement, but in the end, the decision is solely between the parties involved. We have an obligation to ensure fairness for the seller who is exiting the business and for the incoming franchisee (buyer) with whom we will have a relationship for many years to come.

2. Signs Now Fees - The buyer will pay a transfer fee of $17,500 to us upon execution of the franchise agreement. For more details on this item and others, please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

3. Ancillary Items - As with the purchase of any business, the new owner will need to secure insurance, lease deposit, assistance from their professional team (attorneys, accountants, etc.) and related startup items. Please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for an estimated range of costs.

4. Working Capital - The key to any successful transfer is ample working capital - money to address operational costs upon takeover. Regardless of how successful the business is upon takeover, working capital is essential. The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will provide ranges of working capital needs.


For more information, contact:

Mike Cline
VP Franchise Development