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Banner Stands in The Woodlands

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Display your branding in a big way, no matter what space you’re in. 

Custom banner stands from Signs Now The Woodlands are a great way to build your brand, alert people to an upcoming event or promote a new product or service. They’re typically used indoors, such as at a trade show, industry expo or other event, but can be positioned outside as well.  

There are few options that are quite as versatile and cost-effective as a banner stand. Thanks to how they stand tall in a small footprint, they can help you and your company or organization make a big impression, even when space is limited. In larger spaces, you can make a big visual impression by arranging several banner stands next to each other to create a large, mural-like image. 

No matter what your specific needs may be, at Signs Now The Woodlands, we have a banner stand option that’s bound to work for you. 

What are the benefits of using a banner stand? 

Banner stands from Signs Now The Woodlands provide a variety of advantages over other sign and display options. Since these stands are so lightweight, they can be easily set up by just one person, meaning your trade show or event booth can be ready to receive attendees quickly and easily.  

They are easy to set up, take down, transport and store away, making these stands a go-to option for just about any occasion you can think of. Many of these options allow you to swap out the graphic while keeping the same stand, meaning they’re a more cost-effective method than other options when you know your messaging will be changing.  

What kind of banner stands are there? 

With the variety of different stands offered by Signs Now The Woodlands, you can be assured there’s a type that meets your display needs. Some of the most popular options include: 

  • Retractable banner stands: Usually printed on vinyl or fabric, a custom banner is stored within the base of the stand. When ready for display, you extend a pole, pull the banner up and attach it. To take down, simply detach the banner and remove the pole. Many retractable banner stands allow you to easily change out the banners while keeping the stand the same, leading to big cost savings in your marketing budget. 
  • Spring-back banner stands: This style has no base, and instead features a tripod structure that stands on its own and helps the banner tighten up. A grommet in each corner of your banner holds your graphic in place for all to see. These are lightweight, easy to carry and set up quickly, plus they allow you to easily change out your graphics between events. 
  • Telescopic banner stands: These are two pieces – a custom banner and a lightweight, telescoping frame to attach it to. The banner generally attaches to the frame with grommets and is held in place via tension from the frame. While most retractable or spring-back stands are vertical in nature, these stands can be oriented horizontally. Because of this, they’re often seen serving as step-and-repeat media walls at events or press conferences. 

Is your business ready to see the benefits of banner stands? Contact Signs Now The Woodlands to set up a free consultation to discuss your needs. 

Call Signs Now The Woodlands at (281) 292-9098 for more information.

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