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Monument Signs in The Woodlands

Monument Signs in The Woodlands

Make a big, bold statement with custom monument signs.

Monument signs, used by businesses, schools, churches, shopping centers, industrial parks and more, serve as monumental gateways for parking lots and buildings. Essentially freestanding outdoor signs with what’s referred to as a “solid-appearing” base, monument signs differ from other exterior signage, such as pylon signs and post-and-panel signs. For one, they often weigh more than either; however, pylon signs are typically taller.

Because their appeal extends beyond commercial applications, monument signs are frequently employed in apartment developments, subdivisions, condominium complexes, and gated communities. Not only do they improve the value of the property in which they stand, but they also provide the initial touchpoint with any client-facing company. The logo or message displayed on a monument sign should encapsulate the brand, while reassuring the first-time visitor that they are indeed in the correct location.

First impressions are always lasting impressions. At Signs Now The Woodlands, we can make sure your business puts its best foot forward with an elegantly designed monument sign, custom-tailored to your specifications. Planning, crafting, installing – we take care of it all. And, more importantly, we’ll help your signage deliver a statement that can’t be ignored from the roadway.

What are the advantages of owning a monument sign?

Maybe you’re a skeptic on the prospect of monument signage; perhaps especially so if your building already displays a corporate branding sign splayed across its façade. But there are several benefits to monument signs that only they can bring to the table. They are as follows:

  • Plethora of Design Options – Classic brick with a modern appeal? Check. Quaint cottage style with natural stone? Check. Cutting-edge aluminum lettering on a PVC backdrop? Checkmate. With materials as disparate as foam, concrete and cedar, almost any business can be represented by a monument sign.
  • High Visibility – Crafted to stand out at eye-level with motorists and pedestrians, monument signs can be seen from approximately one-hundred feet away. With options like backlighting and exterior lighting, your sign will stay seen, day and night.
  • Better Wayfinding – Your facility or office should be easily found from the main road. An effectively placed monument sign will draw attention to driveways and hard-to-find corridors.

Add another dimension to monument signage with these accessories:

  • Changeable letter sets
  • Digital reader boards
  • Digital time and temperature displays
  • Dimensional letters (i.e., raised, three-dimensional or 3D letters)
  • Electronic message centers
  • Illuminated sign cabinets (i.e., lightboxes)
  • LED signs
  • Multi-tenant sign panels
  • Spotlights

What materials are used in the making of monument signs?

  • Armored foam monument signs (i.e., EPS or expanded polystyrene with a protective hard coat)
  • Brick monument signs
  • Concrete block monument signs
  • HDU monument signs (i.e., high-density urethane)
  • Metal monument signs
  • Poured concrete monument signs
  • Stone monument signs
  • Stucco monument signs
  • Wood monument signs

Where should I install my monument sign?

Monument signs, like all exterior signs with the potential to aesthetically clash with the surrounding neighborhood, require government approval. Applications and permits are often compulsory, although seldom are they denied. Wherever you wish to place your sign, you’ll need to ensure it doesn’t clash with existing municipal ordinances.

Signs Now The Woodlands can guide you through the process of site assessment and approval. Our extensive knowledge of local laws allows us to navigate legal restrictions and city code, so you don’t have to.

Make sure your monument signs are placed perpendicular to avenues and streets. Take shifting shadows and sunlight into account, so that your messaging isn’t difficult to read at certain times of the day.

Ready to take the next step with monument signs?

Contact us today and set up a free quote. We’ll discuss your needs and find the solution best-suited to your business. You can count on Signs Now The Woodlands for measurement, design, and permitting (when required) as well as mounting or installation. Every location is a local source for custom graphics, signage and displays. Second-to-none in delivery time and quality signs, at Signs Now® we take monument signs seriously.

Call Signs Now The Woodlands at (281) 292-9098 for more information.

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