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Aluminum Composite Signs

Aluminum Composite Signs

Aluminum Composite Signs

Blind Mount Signs / Dibond with Returns

Make the Light Choice for Versatility and Value with these Long-Lasting Signs.

Strong, light, rustproof and affordable, aluminum composite signs from Signs Now are in many ways an ideal signage solution!

Custom aluminum composite signs are easy to install and transport. They can be mounted on walls, fences or storefronts. You can also place aluminum composite signage in a frame, such as in a post-and-panel sign. Their amazing versatility makes these custom metal signs a highly attractive signage option for businesses, municipalities and organizations of all types.

Aluminum Composite Signs: Common Uses

The many great qualities of our aluminum composite signs make them a popular choice for applications both indoors and outdoors. At Signs Now, our solutions include:

  • Aluminum composite access control signage
  • Aluminum composite directional signage
  • Aluminum composite lobby signs
  • Aluminum composite manufacturing signs
  • Aluminum composite outdoor signage
  • Aluminum composite parking signs
  • Aluminum composite property signs
  • Aluminum composite real estate signs
  • Aluminum composite regulatory signage
  • Aluminum composite retail signs
  • Aluminum composite safety signs
  • Aluminum composite site identification signs
  • Aluminum composite wayfinding signs

Aluminum Composite Signs: Multiple Types

There are several kinds of aluminum composite signs from which to choose, each offering different results. The experts at Signs Now can help you select the type that’s best for your application and your budget:

  • Aluminum composite signs or dibond™ signs compose of two sheets of aluminum that sandwich a solid plastic core. Often the choice for outdoor applications when extra rigidity is required, these signs are thicker than traditional aluminum signs yet lighter in weight! 
  • Brushed aluminum composite signs or dibond™ signs compose of two sheets of aluminum that sandwich a solid plastic core. These signs are available with a brushed silver or gold finish and often used for more elegant applications such as: directory signage, lobby signage and feature wall signs. 
  • Blind Mount Aluminum Compsite Signs is a type of product that we can produce and install. "blind mount" means that there are no screw holes in the face of the sign, but rather the sign material is wrapped around a wooden frame to give the face of the sign some elevation and to hide any screws during the installation process. Often a great solution for a store-front sign or for panel signs. This is also called a "dibond with returns" sign and can offer a great dimensional effect. 

Aluminum Composite Signs: Customization Options

Among signage materials, aluminum composite or dibond™ is prized because it’s extremely easy to work with. Rely on Signs Now to custom design your sign to your exact specifications. All  aluminum composite signs come with a UV protective overlaminate for integrity and durability. Working with you, we’ll: 

  • Add reflective material, if desired
  • Cut the signs to almost any shape
  • Drill mounting holes to accommodate various installations
  • Offer matte or semi-gloss finishes
  • Print your design on one side or both with single or double-sided printing
  • Print with abrasion-resistant UV (ultraviolet) ink for attractive, vibrant colors

Questions & Answers

How Do Other Users Benefit from Aluminum Composite Signs?

Look around and you’ll see aluminum signs employed in almost all applications. Popular uses include directional signage, real estate signs and property management signs as well as caution and safety signs.

Others rely on custom aluminum signs for traffic and parking lot signage, no trespassing signs and other regulatory signs. They’re also used for retailrestaurant, garden and home signage. It’s hard to imagine an application that couldn’t benefit from an attractive and affordable aluminum sign!

Are All Aluminum Composite Signs Custom Designed?

No, your Signs Now experts can show you many economical “off-the-shelf” types for use as restroom signs, warehouse signs and manufacturing signs, among other examples. These standard styles are often a smart choice where interior décor or company branding efforts are not a prime concern.

Where Should Aluminum Composite Signs Be Installed?

Light in weight, you can affix your aluminum composite sign on almost any rigid surface including concrete, brick, metal, drywall or wood. Aluminum composite signs are also commonly mounted on posts or fences. They’re also suspended from ceilings, overhead beams or even other signage! 

How Do You Maintain Aluminum Composite signs?

Always ask the Signs Now team how to care for your aluminum signs. Depending on the finish and the sign’s location, we’ll provide you with instructions about aluminum sign upkeep. The good news? Aluminum composite signs are generally easy to maintain. 

Want to Begin Benefiting from Aluminum Composite Signage? See Signs Now!

Whether it’s a simple, one-time graphic or an entire project’s worth of signage and displays, count on Signs Now. We “bring to the table” not only creative ideas but also experience on how to get your job done on target, on time and on budget. That includes it all — from measurement and design to expert installation. Let’s sit down soon to discuss your needs and review our solutions. Call or visit today.

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