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Thunder Bay Rock Climbing Scene Brings Events - Custom Displays


Thunder Bay Rock Climbing Scene Brings Events - Custom Displays

Thunder Bay Rock Climbing Scene Brings Events Needing Custom Displays

With a new book summoning climbers from all over, the growing sport shows a need for custom sales & trade show displays

Recently, the sport of rock climbing has been exploding in the Thunder Bay area. A new book highlighting the area's magnificent climbing cliffs has prompted sport enthusiasts and thrill seekers from all over to visit the Thunder Bay area and tackle a few of the grand rocks overlooking Lake Superior.

When people start coming to an area for a specific purpose, events often come along with it - and the rock climbing scene is no exception. A local wilderness and sporting good supply shop will be holding a film tour of 5 locally produced climbing films, expected to sell out and bring climbing enthusiasts from all over. Such events often take on a Trade Show like atmosphere, populated by local and industry organizations supporting the event. It's a great opportunity to use a custom display and lure in new customers for your business.

Such an event would provide a great opportunity for a local gym to advertise their indoor climbing wall, or a sports supplement company to provide free samples of their product. And don't overlook the opportunity to hand out brochures or product advertisements from a custom sales display. At such an event, it's easy to determine the what the focus of a display should be and how to maximize benefit.

Does your product or service have a dedicated body of clients or customers? Keep an eye out for events where you can put a custom show display to work for you - or schedule your own event, right in your own store. You clients will love you for it!

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