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Acrylic Protection Screens Between Chairs in Waiting Room
  • Acrylic Protection Screens Between Chairs in Waiting Room
  • Social Distancing Counter Protection Screen for retail environment
  • Social Distancing Counter Protection Screen for healthcare environment
  • Social Distancing Counter Protection Screen for lobby area
  • Social Distancing Counter Protection Screen for pharmacy

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Counter Protection Screens

Signs Now Uptown Charlotte provides Counter Protection Screens to Charlotte, NC and greater surrounding areas.

Social Distancing Counter Protection Screens

Signs Now can create custom counter protection screens to help facilitate social distancing. Also known as sneeze guards, they protect staff, customers and visitors whenever someone coughs or sneezes, creating a safer business environment for everyone.

We will custom produce these screens to meet your specific needs, whether it's adding custom messaging like “Please practice safe social distancing" or including custom graphics such as your logo or safety icons. Produced from plastic, multiple screens can be installed side-by-side to create a comprehensive safety solution.

Use these counter protection screens in a variety of industry environments: retail, healthcare, finance, hospitality, restaurants and bars, professional services and more.

What better way to help others maintain a safe environment for all?

Signs Now also offers additional solutions to help you cope with the Coronavirus crisis:

  • COVID-19 Signage
  • Protective Face Shields
  • Social Distancing Signs

+What is the purpose of a sneeze guard?

Protection Screens for COVID-19 Safety Measures

Signs Now is available to manufacture protection screens for organizations throughout the Charlotte, NC, region. The protection screens we make are the finest option for making a safe place for your customers and staff. It’s crucial to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus in your commercial space, but you can maintain safety with help from Signs Now Uptown Charlotte. We are dedicated to maintaining the safety of our community.

Our protection screens are designed to be sturdy and they feature small windows for convenience. Businesses such as retail outlets, grocery stores, banking institutions and medical facilities will find this feature to be beneficial. With a sneeze guard from Signs Now Uptown Charlotte, you’ll see that they're durable, lightweight and simple to put away. Signs Now can help your business in Charlotte, NC, maintain social distancing and ensure that the correct safety measures are put in place.

At this time, it’s critical to make your staff and customers feel safe and you can do so when you implement the required steps. Contact Signs Now for top-notch protection screens for your business in Charlotte, [state _code].

Plastic Barriers Make Social Distancing Possible

At this time, we understand the struggles that are involved in conducting business. It’s hard to operate effectively under normal conditions and now you have to think about limiting contact and keeping a certain level of safety not previously required. If your business needs to add sneeze guards as part of new safety measures, Signs Now Uptown Charlotte is ready to help.

Our expert team creates protection screens for your place of business, so you can ensure you’re taking the required steps to make your facility in the Charlotte, NC, as safe as possible. It’s critical to offer reassurance to everyone and you can depend on Signs Now for assistance.

Protection screens are fundamental since they make a physical barrier between people and reduce the transmission of viruses through close contact. These clear plastic barriers uphold social distancing practices while making it possible for your team members to continue to provide outstanding customer service. Furthermore, those visiting your facility will have the peace of mind necessary during these uncertain times.

Signs Now protection screens are an optimal option for businesses like:

  • Banks
  • Retail Locations
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices & Clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants

+How to make my business safe during coronavirus?

Safety is Key

Make social distancing easier with sneeze guards that are custom made to fit your own set up with display design options. Whether you need one divider for a reception desk or a series of panels for counters with cash registers, our sneeze guards are designed to suit your requirements. Our plastic barriers are easy to put together and prop up on flat surfaces and come complete with a convenient gap for accessibility. They can be cleaned easily by wiping them with a disinfectant spray or soap and water, which helps prevent the transmission of viruses.

We Make Protection Screens for Safety

Your local Signs Now team in Charlotte, NC, makes quality sneeze guards for your company, no matter what you do. Our screens and sneeze guards make it easier for your visitors and employees to maintain safe social distancing measures. We are your premier option for plastic dividers as well as signs and other forms of visual communication for your company.

We approach every project as a collaborative effort and are proud to say is still a thing during this worldwide pandemic because we too, have used protection screens and practiced social distancing recommendations at our location. You can trust us to meet your company’s needs because we take the time to listen to the concerns you have and create something that ensures you can open and resume business safely. Many things are uncertain, but we assure you that you will have an excellent customer service experience with your Signs Now Uptown Charlotte. Rest assured, we provide top-notch services and valuable products to all of our customers in the Charlotte, NC, area.

+Protection screens shield against droplets

Contact Signs Now

Reach out to us today and place an order for protection screens with custom graphics for your Charlotte, NC, company. Signs Now Uptown Charlotte has you covered with the tools your workforce needs to stay productive and interact with customers. Contact us at (704) 343-9619 to see how we can help with your social distancing practices and request a quote on protection screens.

Call Signs Now Uptown Charlotte at (704) 343-9619 for more information.