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Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are lightweight and resist corrosion. They have a special coating to cover the metal part and provide a canvas for printing. Aluminum signs are used outdoors or indoors across all industries. Construction, real estate, retail and many others use aluminum signs. Signs Now Waterford produces durable aluminum signs. These signs can serve different purposes and are often used as mandatory signage inside buildings to show safety areas and procedures.

Aluminum signs are easy to install and transport. They can be placed on a wall or fence or can be hung or placed on a frame such as a post and panel sign. The aluminum is easy to work with, so customized adjustments such as holes for mounting can be easily made to accommodate installation.

At Signs Now Waterford, we deliver aluminum signs that will last for many years. Our printing technology produces durable graphics that will stay vivid and not fade away easily with time. Aluminum signs can have a very durable enamel finish.

Always ask the Signs Now Waterford team how to care for aluminum signs. Depending on the finish and location, we will provide you with instructions about sign maintenance. Aluminum signs are generally easy to maintain. Cleaning with soap and water is enough to keep your aluminum sign clean and shiny. Just make sure that you use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge.

Aluminum signs can be used in everything from real estate to retail, as wayfinding signs, warning signs and traffic signs. They can be cut in different shapes and custom made for your needs.

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