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At what point do signs turn away customers instead of attracting them?


At what point do signs turn away customers instead of attracting them?

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If you’re about to invest money and effort in a new sign, it makes good sense to do it right — right from the start.

Even a temporary sign such as one you’ll use for an event can signify a sizable investment. Of course, you’ll count on other signage for years or even decades of service. In either case, it’s no time for shortcuts or compromises on design and materials that can lead to poor quality.

Your extra care in creating attractive signage will likely be well worth it. A survey by FedEx Office and conducted by Ketchum Global Research & Analytics provides a clear contrast between good signs and bad:

  • Nearly 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs.

On the flip side: 

  • Over 50% of survey respondents indicated that bad signage (e.g., poor quality, misspelled words, etc.) deters them from entering a place of business.

9 tips on getting it right!

So, what to look out for when working with your provider to create quality signage that attracts rather than repels potential prospects? Here are nine suggestions on making the most of your opportunity:

  1. Create a new logo or update an existing one: A good logo should be distinctive and instantly associated with your brand or business. Unfortunately, the size of most signs can amplify any flaw in your design. If creating a new logo or updating an old one, be sure a professional designer reviews the sign proofs carefully prior to production. This will help ensure you’re not unpleasantly surprised at the logo’s appearance once it’s enlarged on your new sign.
  1. Carefully consider the location: Many a proud sign buyer has mounted their new signage during the winter months only to discover later that summer foliage obscures their new masterpiece! 
  1. Choose a legible type font: Classic type fonts are often the best choice for readability. Many identify typefaces like Arial, Courier and Verdana as most legible. On the other hand, fonts such as Comic Sans, Papyrus and Times New Roman are avoided by most sign designers.
  1. Don’t ignore letter kerning: Often subtle but noticeably odd, kerning refers to the spacing between individual letters. If a letter nestles up too closely to the next one making it hard to read, you have a kerning problem.
  1. Employ contrasting colors: You’ll want your text, images and logo to stand out against the background. Choose letter colors that will contrast with the background color (e.g., back over white) but not look garish or gaudy.
  1. Install or mount with care: The effect of a beautifully created and carefully fabricated sign can easily be negated by poor installation. If your sign is mounted off-kilter or is badly illuminated, for example, much of its intended benefit can be lost.
  1. Know that size matters: Measure outdoor signage carefully for two important reasons. Many city signage codes will dictate the size of your signage. Letter size is also crucial in readability at a distance, especially if motorists are among your key prospects. Your signage provider should help here. If not, conduct a Google search for “letter visibility chart” for guidance.
  1. Opt for quality materials: Design, permitting and installation expenses can add up, so it might be tempting to look for ways to cut costs elsewhere. Resist the urge to shortchange quality. Premium sign materials will help you make that all-important good first impression among many prospects. In many cases, they’ll also pay for themselves over time as your sign will last longer and look better in doing so!  
  1. Pay attention to spacing: This mistake sometimes occurs when you don’t measure first. Signage can look bad when you run out of room at the edge and the letters begin getting too close together, march right up to the edge of the sign, or if lines wrap awkwardly.

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