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Signage Tips That Enhance Healthcare For All


Signage Tips That Enhance Healthcare For All

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Medical facilities are always bustling with traffic from staff, patients and visitors. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and assisted living centers can all benefit from informational and attractive signage that enhances the overall experience – long before any appointments even begin. 

Many visitors and patients in healthcare facilities suffer from anxiety in such an environment. With the right graphics and signs, you can help reassure and soothe everyone who steps through your doors by guiding them safely to their destination.  

When planning a sign and graphic strategy for your healthcare facility, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Clearly show the way: A strong wayfinding system should incorporate both indoor and outdoor signage so that patients and visitors can easily find their way from the moment they arrive. Directional signs in a healthcare environment should clearly guide everyone through hallways, wings, departments and wards in a way that can be understood by all. 
  • Transform your spaces: Savvy organizations use walls, ceilings and floors to help create a mood. In a healthcare environment, your spaces should soothe and reassure your patients and visitors. Lighten the mood with clever graphics on the ceiling or themed messaging on the floor.  
  • Comply creatively: Regulation-based ADA signage is mandatory for businesses to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. While there are strict guidelines to abide by, that doesn’t mean that your signage must look sterile and standard. Our design team can help you develop signs and graphics that comply with regulations while still enhancing your branding. 
  • Drive your marketing: Vehicle wraps are a great marketing opportunity for your facility. Custom  vehicle graphics and lettering convert company vehicles into moving billboards, raising awareness wherever they go. High-quality graphics can connect with people and even generate some local buzz. Vehicle graphics can also serve practical purposes with tracking numbers and specific health messages; cars with an easy-to-read tracking ID can help your practice stay organized and run more efficiently. 
  • Boost your branding: Signs can guide actions, but they also steer opinions. They immediately convey an image about your facility, your staff or even an individual department. Effective signs will immediately create a strong impression or reliability and professionalism. Exterior signs are where brand-building begins, which then continues into lobby and reception area displays. Any design factor that’s a main part of your brand should be maintained throughout the facility and complement the décor, all while providing consistent messaging that puts safety and clarity first. 

These are just a few things that healthcare office managers and administrators should consider when planning out their sign and graphics strategy. If it’s time to update the signs around your campus or clinic, contact Signs Now to set up a free consultation and discuss solutions.