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Vehicle Graphics: A Beginner's Guide to Marketing On the Road


Vehicle Graphics: A Beginner's Guide to Marketing On the Road

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Whether you operate one vehicle or a fleet of one hundred, custom vehicle graphics are a great way to market your business and promote your brand. So what are the specific benefits of including vehicle graphics in your marketing strategy?

Benefits of Marketing with Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a powerful marketing tactic

Per research by the American Trucking Association, just one intra-city truck with graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in a year! Plus, fleet graphics are constantly on the move, traveling from one location to another, which means they have an even wider impact than billboards.

Custom fleet graphics are memorable

When you create a design that is eye-catching, simple and aligns with your brand, people on the road will see your message and remember it. A study by RYP and Becker Group for 3M® found that  97% of survey respondents recalled the ad on a truck.

They won't break your budget

In a comparison of TV, magazine, newspaper, radio and outdoor signage costs per thousand impressions, fleet graphics are the single most cost-effective advertising tool you can use to drive traffic to your business. They’re also scalable — meaning you can brand your car, truck, trailer, bus, boat or other vehicles with as much graphic content as you need or can afford!

What Types of Vehicle Graphics Are There?

Regardless of your unique needs and budget, there is a solution that can work for businesses of all sizes in any industry. Listed in order of most economical to most impressive, your vehicle graphic branding options are:

Custom car door magnets

Transform a personal car to a professional one when you use it for deliveries or meetings with custom car door magnets that are easy to apply and remove to fit your needs.

Car-top signs

Whether used to promote a food delivery service or other business, magnetic and illuminated car top signs are almost impossible for other motorists to miss!

Vehicle window lettering

Vinyl letters adhere securely to windows right at eye level. Many use them to display their company name, phone number, location and website address.

Car and truck graphics

Larger than vinyl letters but smaller than a partial vehicle wraps, car graphics can display a logo, contact information and graphics that promote your business.

Partial vehicle wraps

Thin sheets of durable adhesive vinyl that are custom printed with your branded message, partial vehicle wraps cover most but not all of your car, truck or trailer.

Full vehicle wraps

Achieve the look of a custom painted vehicle at a fraction of the cost! Full vehicle wraps can be removed after service, making them an ideal solution for leased vehicles too.

Full vehicle wraps with window graphics

Take full vehicle wraps a step further by extending your custom design to window graphics for the side and back windows. They display your message to those on the outside while allowing the driver to see outward.

Want to Learn More?

As your full-service resource for signs and graphics of all types as well as creative design, quality production and expert installation, Signs Now Beavercreek/Dayton is ready to assist you any time with custom, affordable solutions. Contact us  to discover the many ways we can meet your needs!