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How To Conduct an Architectural Sign Audit


How To Conduct an Architectural Sign Audit

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It’s necessary for most businesses to have architectural signs around the vicinity. These are signs that help visitors locate the exact unit or person they need to find. It is vital to keep an eye on directional signage from time to time because it can go out of date quickly. You should conduct a wayfinding sign audit once every few months to make sure everything is correct. You can grab a couple of employees to audit with you to get a new perspective, but you should definitely get a professional from Signs Now to help you decide if there are any new office signs you can benefit from.

Performing an Architectural Sign Audit

It is recommended to perform this audit once every three months. You will need to bring a notepad with you, so you can remember any notes for what needs to change. To begin, you should start with the exterior signage. Ask yourself and the Signs Now expert a few essential questions, such as:

  • Are these exterior signs still in good shape?
  • Can the exterior signage be seen at night in addition to during the day?
  • Is all the landscaping properly maintained so that vegetation does not obscure the signage?
  • Should the exterior signs be replaced due to being outdated?

Once you are done with the outside signs, you can turn your attention to the indoor ones. You should make sure the wayfinding signs are both plentiful and positioned so that a newcomer can easily find his or her way around. You also want to check the names and titles on all signs. If need be, you should contact business owners in the building to see if there is anything they want to alter. After making sure your interior signage is correct, you should look at the condition.

Finally, after all this, you should check your digital signage. Many office buildings now incorporate digital signs to let clients and customers know about special events and deals. If this signage displays a message that is out of date, then it reflects poorly on the business. For example, you do not want your digital signs to promote a Christmas sale in January. In a busy holiday season, it’s easy sometimes to overlook the obvious! Keep everything current, so you are not giving people bad information.

After looking at the signs you already have, you then need to consider what new signage you can benefit from. The advantage of bringing along a third party that is less familiar with your building is that they can more easily recognize when wayfinding signage is missing. The last thing you want is someone visiting your building for the first time to feel lost. You need to assume the mindset of an outsider and know what areas need extra signage.

Being Aware of “Store Blindness”

As you conduct your audit, it is paramount to be aware of the dangers of "store blindness." When people spend extended amounts of time in a given place, they gradually become unaware of problems in the surrounding area. You can even see this when it comes to people's homes. They may not notice worn-out carpet because they have grown accustomed to it over time. Unfortunately, guests definitely notice. The same principle applies to your building signs.

As your architectural signs begin to deteriorate, you may get used to them and fail to notice they really need an update. It is also possible your building’s signs are not in prime locations. They may be difficult to find for a newcomer. However, since you know where to look, you assume everyone else is able to find the signage.

This signifies the importance of getting a Signs Now representative to go on your audit with you. While your employees can help, they aren’t as experienced in effective signage solutions like a Signs Now expert. If any signs are worn down, hard to find or missing, then a professional can easily recognize that.

Fixing Your Brand

Your signage is one of the most noticeable aspects of your business. It is particularly noteworthy because people directly seek it out. In the event your signs are broken, old or incorrect, your customers will take notice. Not only will they wonder what happened to the sign, but they will question the quality of everything else they see.

Not only will your customers see this, but you can be certain those customers will tell their friends and family. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools businesses have. It can be used as a source of good … or it can work against you.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent all this from happening, and it is through an audit. Doing a walkthrough a few times every year may seem like a lot. However, you need to think of all the ways your signage can break down. The weather can really take a toll on your exterior signage. People quit and get hired all the time, in which case, you need to update your directories often. When you address problems promptly, your clients take notice. They see you are committed to making your business as good as it possibly can be.

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