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How to Make Your Own Outdoor Business Sign (9 Steps)


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Designing and installing an outdoor sign is an exciting but time-intensive process for companies. In this article, our professional sign experts discuss how to make your own outdoor business sign.

1. Determine the Purpose of Your Business Sign

outdoor A-frame business sign for surf shop

The first step to creating an effective business sign is to determine its strategic purpose. A business sign may be used to drive foot traffic to your store, communicate the price of your product or service, or even just express the creativity of your brand. There are many other potential goals for company signs, and we share some of these ideas in our 10 storefront sign ideas blog post.

2. Research Local Business Sign Regulations

outdoor lightbox sign for pub and restaurant

With the purpose of your sign in mind, it's time to research your town or city’s sign regulations. A thorough plan for your sign may need to be submitted to your local government to obtain a permit. However, at this early stage of the signage process, the goal is only to digest the legal requirements for your location that affect the way you can make and install your business sign. With our extensive knowledge of signage regulations, Signs Now’s experts can take care of this occasionally tedious research process for you.

3. Determine Sign Location

Outdoor awning sign for gift shop

With your new knowledge of local sign regulations, you can now audit your business's property to determine the ideal location for your sign. Outdoor business signs can be placed on a variety of structures, such as awnings, pylons, and stone monuments. Signs Now's experts can give your business's property a professional audit to determine the most optimal location for your business sign, depending on its purpose.

4. Choose the Best Sign Type

outdoor digital sign for business

There are many types of outdoor signs you can choose for your business, including illuminated and digital signs, aluminum signs, and A-frame wayfinding signs. Each type of sign has its advantages and potential drawbacks. For example, an A-frame sign is the best type of sign to draw attention from pedestrians walking by your business, but it is not typically seen by motorists. An illuminated or digital sign is very helpful for businesses that operate at night, but it may cost more than other types of signs. You can gather some additional sign type ideas for your business using our interactive signage map.

5. Choose the Best Sign Material

outdoor banner sign for real estate business

As with signage types, there are many different types of sign materials to choose from. Some of the most effective types of sign materials include acrylic, aluminum, vinyl, and corrugated plastic. Acrylic is often used for 3D lettering and lightbox signs because of its transparent and striking nature. Real estate signs and traffic signs commonly use aluminum because it is a rustproof sign material. Vinyl graphics are commonly used on store windows and vehicle wraps. A lightweight, easily installable sign material, corrugated plastic can be found on many temporary signs, such as construction signs, wedding signs and graduation signs.

6. Design Your Sign

business logo and 3D lettering for cleaning business

Now to the fun part. The design of your outdoor business sign is an opportunity to showcase your brand's unique logo and color scheme. It is also an opportunity to attract new customers and drive a significant increase in sales. According to the University of Cincinnati, about 60 percent of businesses reported a boost in sales by upgrading either the design or visibility of their business sign. The average increase in sales was about 10 percent, which is well worth the cost of a carefully designed outdoor business sign. Signs Now's sign design team can develop a design strategy that will help you efficiently meet your business objectives.

7. Submit Permit Application

outdoor sign for shopping center

With the plan for your sign ready to go, it's time to submit an application for a permit with your local government or municipality. As discussed earlier in this blog post, many cities and towns require signs to meet specific regulations regarding size and style of lettering, dimensions of the sign structure and copy area, and more. Signs Now's professionals take care of this process for companies so that they can focus on more important, revenue-generating business projects.

8. Build the Sign

outdoor halo lit channel letter sign for technology company

Once you've got a thumbs up from your local city or municipality, it's time to build your sign. No matter what type of outdoor business sign you are building, Signs Now's talented professionals can take care of the fabrication process for you.

9. Install the Sign

outdoor corporate branding sign for sports arena

Last but not least, the sign must be carefully installed so that it is optimally visible and durable. To make sure your sign is free of defects and optimally visible, we recommend hiring a professional sign company using proper best practices and safety protocols.

Hire Signs Now to Help Your Outdoor Business Sign Stand Out

Signs Now's professional technicians use the latest sign tools and technology to ensure businesses get maximum bang for the buck with their sign. Commissioning your perfect outdoor business sign takes hard work, and our experts manage the entire process for you. From sign design through sign installation, Signs Now assists with every aspect of the signage process. Contact us today to see how we can help your business with our effective, affordable signage solutions.