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Looking Your Best: A Spring Sign Maintenance Checklist


Looking Your Best: A Spring Sign Maintenance Checklist

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Spring Sign Maintenance Checklist

What To Do

  1. Bird and insect nests
  2. Branding
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Condition
  5. Directories
  6. Foliage
  7. Layouts or pathways
  8. Lighting
  9. Opportunities
  10. Visibility

Winter is rough on signs and sign maintenance crews alike! Meaning that even if something falls into disrepair during the coldest months, in many parts of the country it may be spring before repair teams can extend a ladder or bring a bucket truck by to address what needs fixing.

Of course, a regular maintenance plan is almost always a smart investment. It’s the best way to get the most from your signage year-round. If you haven’t initiated such a strategy, let this season provide a start.

But what should you be on the lookout for, signage-wise, this spring? On your own or in the company of your signage provider and/or repairer, use this maintenance checklist to guide your efforts:

Bird and insect nests

  • While not likely to be started over the winter, there may be nests left over from last year — or indications that new ones are under construction. It’s best to remove them now.


  • Have you updated your logo or expanded the scope of your business in recent months?,  Your inspection should ensure your that signage showcases your current branding and latest business focus.


  • Indoors and outdoors, spring cleaning is definitely a concept you’ll want to apply to your signs. With a good cleaning, they’ll look better — and so will you! People equate the care and quality you extend to your signage to the products and services you offer!   


  • Use your spring inspection to identify cracks, corrosion, damage, frayed electrical wires or any other risks to the short- or long-term condition of your signage. In areas where strong winter or spring winds blow, any broken or loose fittings should be of special concern.


  • Many businesses and offices list tenants in outdoor directories or lobby directories. On a larger scale, shopping centers display stores panels within pylon or monument signs. Make springtime your season to update these listings.


  • Overgrown tree limbs and shrubs may not be noticeable in the winter months but as spring greenery fills in they can obscure your signage and defeat its purpose. The good news? If you’re leasing, your landlord may be on the hook for any expenses relating to cutting back overgrown foliage.


Layouts or pathways

  • Have you added, repositioned or removed anything lately within your building or on your grounds? If so, your directional signage may be out of date. Even something so simple as a new delivery entrance may be deserving of a new or remounted wayfinding sign. 


  • While today's long-lasting LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are not prone to frequent burnout, older illumination sources including incandescent, fluorescent and neon bulbs and tubes certainly are! Tip: Review your signage at night as well as during the day because any lighting problems may not be readily apparent in the bright sunshine as they are in the dark.


  • This is not a really a maintenance issue although you could argue that maintaining the viability of your business is paramount! That said, make spring your occasion to look for new places and fresh ways to identify or promote your company. Temporary signs like banners and window graphics represent one opportunity, and vehicle graphics are another.


  • Signs and buildings erected by neighbors and even the trees they plant can limit or obscure the visibility of your signage. You’ll want to review the placement of your signs to ensure they’re readily seen by your key audiences, whether they’re motorists, pedestrians or both. 


A final note: Many businesses seem to see regular sign maintenance as an unnecessary expense. But with steady upkeep, you’ll address problems at the earliest, most economical stage before damage worsens and major repairs are needed. What’s more, with business signage that’s in good repair, you’ll always put your best face forward!    

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