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Yard Signs For Branding: 5 Reasons Why They’re So Popular!


Yard Signs For Branding: 5 Reasons Why They’re So Popular!

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Yard Signs For Branding: 5 Reasons Why They’re So Popular!

Easy to afford and hard to miss, yard signs from Signs Now® can make for excellent branding solutions. Often called bandit signs, Coroplast® signs (because of a prime component in their construction) or lawn signs, these signage solutions are highly popular with many marketers. They are:

1. Economical: Yard signs deliver your message at an affordable price. Most users, in fact, multiply their cost savings by buying tens, scores or even hundreds of their designs in “bulk” for wide distribution of their branding messages.

2. Easy-to-transport: Lightweight signs that “stack flat,” yard signs fit easily into passenger car back seats or trunks, not to mention minivans, vans or pickups!

3. Easy-to-use: Built with a simple message board in Coroplast® or similar water-repellent material and often with a step-in wireframe, you insert the frame into the message board through its corrugations and then “step” the frame into the turf. Of course, your bandit sign can be removed every bit as easily!  

4. Eye-catching: Most marketers place yard signs in the front yards of residential homes or, better yet, on corner lots where they’ll capture the attention of more motorists and pedestrians. Municipal regulations permitting or with the okay of business owners, others position their lawn signs on highway berms or in front of gas stations and other high-visibility locations. 

5. Attractive: Rely on Signs Now to create custom designs with your company logos, colors, graphics or photos, and contact information.

Who benefits most from the branding opportunities of yard signs? Don’t think car manufacturers, soft drink sellers or international airlines. More affordable than the solutions that many of these marketers seek, branding with lawn signs is more local. Among nearby businesses (or others) that are the most reliant on yard signs for branding are:

  • Contractors and tradesmen: Building a deck, replacing a roof or trimming trees for a homeowner? A yard sign advertising your business that’s placed in front of the residence will call attention to your operation. It will also let neighbors know that you’re a trusted source for contractor or tradesmen services and one that other local residents can call with confidence.
  • Real estate agents: Often selling homes in neighborhoods all over town, residential real estate agents are prime users yard signs, often buying them in bulk. Positioned in location after location, your yard signs let potential buyers and prospective sellers know your agency is a highly popular and well-trusted brand throughout your city. 
  • Political campaigns: Are you running for mayor or city council? Are you for — or against — a tax proposal or zoning change? There's a reason you see bandit signs all over town at election time: they work!  While “branding” is defined strictly as “the promotion of product or company by means of advertising,” many campaigners stretch this definition by placing yards signs in as many locations are allowed to promote a political candidate or advocate an election issue.

Need help with custom yard signs for branding? Count on the team at Signs Now®!

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