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Engraved Signs, Plaques & Awards

Engraved Signs, Plaques & Awards

Standoff Signs

Custom engraved signs are perfect to celebrate or honor individuals or achievements. 

When you need to add a touch of sophistication to your signage, consider using engraving services from Signs Now Evansville. Our engraved signs are a great way to add an element of texture and depth to your logos and graphics. We can help make your branding stand out in reception areas and lobbies, or outdoors on monument signs. 

Whether on metal, acrylic or wood, custom engraving creates a sense of permanence and is the perfect palette for thanking your employees for a recent success or for a lifetime of service. Our engraved plaques are also a great way to celebrate, honor or commemorate many other special occasions. 

What are engraved signs made out of? 

Our custom engraved signs are typically wall plaques, made from top-quality wood and metal. We also offer engraved signs in glass, acrylic or a combination of materials. They can be easily mounted in executive offices, reception areas, conference rooms, well-traveled hallways, or in the recipient’s home. Engraved plaques can also be fixed with an easel backing so they can stand on desks or shelves. 

For plaques, in most cases we’ll custom engrave your logo along with award text and the person or department’s name. Alternately, we can print the plaque in four colors if you’d like to showcase a vibrant logo or feature a certificate, photo or newspaper article. We can even add three-dimensional elements like medallions. The team at Signs Now Evansville can help you create an attractive custom engraved sign or plaque that you’ll be proud to exhibit.  

Where can I use engraved signs? 

Indoors and outside, engraved signs can make a significant visual impact on your staff, customers and guests. The kind of texture and depth added by engraving, routing and beveling can make your logo or brand pop in a way other signs cannot. 

Inside, engraved signs are typically seen highlighting a company logo in a lobby, reception area or conference room. Our engraved plaques are also commonly used for commemorating a special event, highlighting a departmental award, showcasing employees of the month, or simply as a service award. You may also want to consider how you can use engraved signs to add depth to your company’s history wall to highlight memorable events. 

Outside, engraving is often incorporated into other outdoor signs, such as monument signs, to add an extra element of visual appeal. Engraving on wood signs outside can make your property feel rustic, while adding engraving to metal or acrylic can create a modern atmosphere. 

Whether you need a single plaque or an have entire property’s worth of signs and displays to tackle, you can count on Signs Now Evansville to get the job done. Give us a call when you’re ready to get started on your next project.

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