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Creative signage options for your grand opening


Creative signage options for your grand opening

Let's Get Creative


For new business owners planning on opening up a fresh brick-and-mortar location, hosting a grand opening is a great way to get the eyes of your community on your store. The best grand opening events make a strong first impression on your potential new customers and help to establish your brand within your surrounding neighborhood. 

When preparing for your grand opening event, there’s a few signs and graphics that you should have at your disposal to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Consider how you can use: 


Ahead of your event, even while construction may still be going on inside your building, using a durable but vibrant vinyl banner to announce your opening date is a great, affordable option for your new business. You can also use banners ahead of your opening to advertise if you’re hiring! 

Yard Signs

In the days leading up to your grand opening, ensure that the people in your surrounding community know when and where it’s happening. Yard signs are an affordable, versatile option that can allow you to blanket an area with the most critical information about your business, including its name, address and when your grand opening is happening. 

Feather Flags

On the day of your event, staking feather flags outside your location can drive customers right to you. The dynamic flair that they give to your graphics when they flutter in the wind provides an eye-catching effect that simply cannot be ignored. They make for a great finishing touch for any signs and graphics package you’re working on for your grand opening. 

We know that opening a new business can be a struggle and that the idea of hosting a grand opening can be anxiety-inducing. Fortunately, you have a partner in the creative team at Signs Now. Start your new business the right way with signs and graphics that help to establish your brand, from day one through every anniversary. Contact us to set up a free consultation!