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Photoluminescent Signage

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Photoluminescent Signage

When the power goes out our lights come on directing people safely from the building.

International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC)

IBC   Addresses construction and design of new buildings and major renovations
IFC   Addresses completed and existing buildings.

IBC and IFC requires exit path signs and markings in all of the following buildings:


    Assembly:      Gathering places for civic, social or religious functions

    Business:       Banks, Civic Administrations, professional services, 

                            corporate centers, government buildings

    Education:     Schools thru 12th grade- colleges, dorms

    Institutional:  Where people are cared for, hospitals, assisted living centers

    Mercantile:     Retail and wholesale merchandise


    Residential:     Apartments over 3 stories/condos


In buildings having occupied floors more than 75 feet above the lowest level 

of fire department vehicle access.


Luminous signs and markings are required in all exit enclosures, steps and landings,

handrails, perimeter demarcation lines, obstacles and doors from exit enclosures.


Most states, counties and cities may add to existing national codes for their building safety

requirements and they need to be checked for compliance.


Photoluminescent signs saves energy! See our press release.


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Providing Photoluminescent Signage to Holland, Michigan and surrounding areas.

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