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Four Sign Visibility Tips For Your Business


Four Sign Visibility Tips For Your Business

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Designing an eye-catching graphic to turn into a sign is great, but all that hard work is for nothing if your intended audience can’t see it! Whether you're creating a banner, post and panel sign or monument sign, the size of your outdoor sign will depend on a number of factors, including:

  1. A large monument sign reading "Chuch on the Rock" in white letters on a black backgroundLocation
    Where is the sign positioned and who is likely to see it? If it's for drivers on the freeway 20 feet below, you may need some large 3D letters or a pylon sign for proper visibility. If you're communicating to pedestrians just a few feet away, then a simple A-frame or window graphic will suffice.
  2. Size
    Pedestrians can usually read signs easily at walking speed. However, if there's vehicular traffic moving 50 miles per hour, your sign will need to be big enough for them to notice and read clearly - and fast. For these situations, a large vinyl banner is an ideal temporary choice, while a monument sign or post and panel sign can act as something more permanent.
  3. Competition
    If your sign is one of many competing signs - such as in a shopping center or at a busy trade show - you'll probably strive for something bigger and better than your competitors. If, on the other hand, you're posting a lone yard sign on an otherwise empty green, you can scale back on size, assuming the sign is legible.
  4. Sign Type
    If you already have a specific sign type in mind for your outdoor sign, here are some size variations for common sign types.

Superheroes Unite Outdoor Vinyl Banner for Healthcare FacilityOutdoor Banners typically range from 6′ – 12′ wide.

3D Signs and Channel Letter signs vary just as much as the buildings on which they're placed. Larger buildings such as hospitals, condominiums and corporate headquarters will likely need letters at least 12" high. Smaller businesses may get by with 6" high letters.

Monument Signs can range from 6' - 20' wide. Usually the lower end of the spectrum will suffice for visibility unless you're communicating to drivers several hundred feet away.

Yard Signs are typically 24”x18” which allows for visibility from nearby drivers and pedestrians around 50' or less away. 

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