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Outdoor Billboard Signs

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Claim the outdoors with memorable, highly visible billboard signs.

When people think of advertising, outdoor billboard signs are one of the first mediums that come to mind. Almost a hundred years ago, roadside marketing captured the imagination and hearts of a nation constantly on the move. Today, billboards are more popular than ever.

Outdoor billboards are large, flat advertising spaces designed to garner attention from motorists, as well as pedestrians. Placed alongside a highway or a grand boulevard, these signs are typically around 14 feet high and 48 feet wide – that’s 672 square feet of space with which you can communicate your brand image!

Need more space? Or maybe all that square footage is way more than adequate for your needs. At Signs Now Winter Park, we can customize dimensions to accommodate almost any budget. And, if you want the latest in display technology, such as LED and electric signage, our expert team of designers and fabricators will ensure every digital accessory integrates into your billboard seamlessly.

What is the cost of billboard advertising?

We liken this question to asking how expensive a car is. Well, would you prefer a Geo Metro or a Lamborghini Countache? The point is, it depends on a number of variables, including your personal preferences and your marketing objective.

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want to rent billboard space, or actually install your own billboard sign. A monopole sign, which towers over the area on a steel pillar, can cost up to a half-million dollars depending on the location. Plus, your company will likely have to contend with a variety of municipal permits and zoning regulations. This option is best for large organizations with a constantly rotating set of products and services.

If you end up renting space on a billboard, your expense will be drastically different – somewhere between one-thousand and one-hundred-thousand (a wide range, we know), depending on the city in which it is erected. And, don’t forget: that price covers only a four to twelve-week period, and doesn’t include the cost of development. At Signs Now Winter Park, we can help produce your billboard’s design, and print the advertisement on your choice of vinyl material.

What are the common industry sizes for outdoor billboard signs?

  • 6-Sheet Billboards: These signs measure 6 x 4 feet – dimensions best-suited for bus stops and transit stations.
  • 16-Sheet Billboards: Measuring slightly larger at 10 x 6.6 feet, 16-sheet billboards work effectively on building facades and large fences.
  • 32-Sheet Billboards: Now we’re getting larger. These will give you 10 x 13.3 feet worth of space to leverage for your outdoor advertising strategy. Think large storefronts and standalone roadside signage. 
  • 48-Sheet Billboards: 10 x 20 ft. signage, 48-sheet billboards will impart maximum impact alongside major shopping centers and busy roadways.
  • 96-Sheet Billboards: Measuring 10 x 40 feet, these billboards are well-matched for traffic-heavy highways and primary arterials.

Should I stick with traditional, or make the transition to digital billboards?

Planning on renting out your billboard to others during the off-season? Because LED billboards can change messaging every few seconds, you’ll be able to sell billboard space to multiple companies at once. In addition, you’ll be able market multiple products or services in your lineup, or swap out your ad copy from the comfort of a computer desk.

That’s not to say traditional billboards are not effective. Their upfront costs are much lower, and with some clever design, they can often catch the attention of passing drivers just as well as their digital counterparts.

Ready to take the next step with outdoor billboard signs?

Contact us today and set up a free quote. We’ll discuss your needs and find the solution best-suited to your business. You can count on Signs Now Winter Park for measurement, design, and permitting (when required) as well as mounting or installation. Every location is a local source for custom graphics, signage and displays. Second-to-none in delivery time and quality signs, at Signs Now® Winter Park we take billboards seriously.  

Call Signs Now Winter Park at (407) 628-2410 for more information.

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