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Make the Most of Your Corporate Event With the Right Signage


Make the Most of Your Corporate Event With the Right Signage

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A corporate event like a conference, tent sale or open house is often a prime opportunity to showcase your business, cement your bonds with current customers and attract prospective new clients. If properly supported with signage, it can be a win-win-win proposition!

1. The roles of corporate event signage

There are several key roles for signage at corporate events. Some signs will alert visitors to your presence and attract attendees. You’ll feature the event theme and your logo on these signs, among other potential design elements.

Other corporate event signage will communicate key information to those who are attending. Are you promoting a sale? Introducing a new product or service? Showcasing your expertise at a conference? Signs and displays can help you carry important messages. 

Of course, another role for signage has to do with wayfinding or providing directions. Consider that many such events are large affairs and are held in conference centers or hotels that are unfamiliar to your customers or prospects. Others might occur outdoors, over sizable areas.

What’s more, the event itself may be held throughout many different rooms or in different outdoor spaces. If not properly directed, attendees may miss important events or attractions, or become frustrated when trying to find an attraction they are interested in. The right wayfinding signs can efficiently direct people to where they need to go. With good directional signage, you’ll reduce frustration and enhance visitor satisfaction!

2. Types of corporate event signs

When considering corporate event signs, you’ll need signage to attract, inform and direct.

Many of your signs, of course, will do “double duty.” A welcome banner over the main doorway to your conference, for example, will alert visitors to your presence and attract them to your preferred entranceway.

What other signage can you use in support of your advertising, informational and wayfinding efforts? Think like a corporate marketer, to be sure but also put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Better yet, put yourself in their vehicles, because it’s likely many will arrive by car!

Work with your sign provider to consider all options and make the most of your event. Below are just a few corporate signage options from which to choose:

The list provides you with a range of choices you’ll have at your disposal. Once you know which ones you want, it’s time to focus on how best to use them and where to place them.

3. One general tip for better event signage

Experienced event planners place a premium on portable, easily repositioned signs, displays and banners.

Why? Even the most well-considered plans can hit some snags the day of the event itself. So, having signs that can be easily moved will make things go more smoothly in case you have to redirect visitors or vehicle traffic. This could occur, for example, if unannounced road construction prohibits entry via the prime driveaway, or if the heating goes out in a key presentation room and you have to switch to another.

4. Other ideas to make the most of your signs

What information should you include on your signs? Your signage provider should help you. But begin by taking a look at some of the basic design guidelines for event signs:

  • Display company contact info on business signs
  • Employ arrows on directional signs
  • Feature your event theme and your company logo
  • Incorporate your corporate colors
  • Present simple, clear text; don’t overload your signage with information
  • Use plenty of white space to avoid overcrowding of sign elements

5. Start at the door… or even the parking lot

A good corporate event communication strategy starts by meeting your guests with signage at the beginning of their journey.

This journey includes the entrance door or gate, to be sure, but it also might extend to the parking lot. Your signs can direct attendees to the best parking area, so they don’t have to walk around the whole building or trek from a far-off spot just to get to the right entrance!

Then, have a welcome sign at the door or gate. This could be a banner that welcomes attendees to your event. It might also be a sign that offers directions on what to do when they arrive. Just remember that, ideally, you should begin greeting visitors before they even walk in the door!

6. Make your corporate event signs stand out

Many venues offer event signs as part of their exhibition fee. However, these signs are often plain and usually underwhelming. That doesn’t mean you should disregard them altogether. It simply means that you should augment the signage the event provides with designs that more advantageously reflect your brand and communicate your message!

This involves creating custom banners and table runners, among other signage, that display your company name, logo, company colors and more, if possible. The goal? You want your signs to stand out, support your branding and help your event achieve all its goals with maximum impact and minimum worry!

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