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7 Benefits of Branding with Monument Signs


7 Benefits of Branding with Monument Signs

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Monument signs are a popular sign choice among businesses and organizations for promoting their brand and creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Usually positioned in front of a building, shopping center, campus or park, monument signs are freestanding signs. Detached from a building and mounted on the ground, they have a base constructed of a permanent material such as concrete block, brick or masonry. They look solid and substantial, hence the term “monument” sign.

What Are the Benefits of Monument Signs?

For those looking to show off their company's brand, few signs are more impressive! Monument signs are:


Branding elements such as your logo, typeface and corporate colors can be readily incorporated in your monument sign. Want a design (e.g., red brick or stone) that matches the architecture of your building? You can accomplish that, too!


Mounted at eye level, monument signs are readily visible to motorists and pedestrians alike. They deliver branding that’s hard to miss! Of course, incorporating illumination in your monument sign is another way to capture more attention at dawn, dusk, at night and during overcast days!


You can specify a monument sign for almost any budget or location. Offering excellent flexibility in design, you can also combine signage elements such as changeable letter sets. One suggestion? Add dynamic LED signage to your monument sign for bright, moving and easily updateable messages!


Many monument signs are so impressive they serve as landmarks for both nearby residents and out-of-town drivers. It’s not uncommon to hear comments like, “Turn left just after the big Acme Products sign. You can’t miss it!”

Accepted in Most Communities:

You’ll want to check your municipal regulations before proceeding to a final design, but monument signs are readily accepted in most communities and especially by those with stringent signage height restrictions.


Visitors may have trouble finding your location especially if your building is far from the main road. Most often positioned at the end of the driveway or facing the road that leads to your facility, monument signs clearly indicate your location. This is one reason why monument signs are a popular choice for many housing subdivisions, condominium sites and apartment complexes.

Low maintenance:

Simple in design, built with substantial materials, weather resistant and not often subject to wind damage because of their low profile, monument signs present an almost worry-free branding opportunity. Even illuminated types with energy-efficient LED lighting promise low maintenance.

One added benefit to monument signs when it comes to branding? They instill a sense of confidence. Substantial and permanent, they communicate to customers and others that you are established and intend to stay for the long term.

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