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Leveraging Retail Displays to Showcase Your Brand


Let's Get Creative


Can you tell a tale or two? Well, your window graphics can. In fact, your retail windows are the eyes into your community. So, what do you want people to see?

The best thing about displays is that you can tell your own story – in a very visual way. At Signs Now, our displays can be used to help you tell stories or capture a moment in time.

Leveraging Displays to Showcase Your Brand, Company and Community Tales

Flashback to your store openingWindow Graphics For Family Healing Agency Side

Your new store opening is a big event. Relive it with your employees, customers, friends and family with photos of the opening. These can be made into a display in your front windows. You can even update your displays for your anniversaries.

Celebrate a town event

One way to connect with your local community is to advertise their local events, especially if you will be a part of it. If it’s an upcoming event, create a sign with the dates and important details. If you want to showcase your involvement, you can even add your logo and how you’re sponsoring the event.

Acknowledge a local team victory

Community building is important for a business. It shows that you care about your local area and rejoice in their victories. If the local sports team – or even the little league or high school teams – has done something great, make a display out of it. Get pictures of the team with their trophies. If you were involved with the team, also get photos or add your logo to the display.

If you’re interested in making your front windows a showcase for your story or your local community, talk to the experts at Sign Now today. Contact us to get started!