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Winning With Graphics: 4 Great Ideas For Your Sports Team


Winning With Graphics: 4 Great Ideas For Your Sports Team

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Whether competing in football, baseball, field hockey, gymnastics or another athletic endeavor, any sports team can benefit from effective, eye-catching graphics like you’ll find at Signs Now®.

How? Let’s consider the four primary ways that your team can win with great graphics!

1. Create — or update — your sports team logo 

Sports team logos are important for several reasons. They distinguish one competitor or squad from another. They also identify your team to its fans and/or paying customers.

All else being equal, it’s often the team with the most attractive team logo design that lures the most onlookers and, on a professional basis, attracts the more advertising sponsors.

So, if you’re establishing a new team, it’s wise to consult with an experienced provider of graphic design services for a new sports team logo. Alternately, you’ll want to periodically refresh the design of any long-established team logo.

Over time, any team logo design can get stale and lose the attention of your fans. Tip: Take a good look at professional teams for their graphic designs. Incentivized to adhere to the highest sports graphic design standards, you’ll see exciting and contemporary examples of great team logos in action!  

2. Apply sports graphics to walls and windows

Create interest and build spirit by applying your sports team graphics to the walls and windows of your school, clubhouse, training facility, headquarters or any other office or building associated with your team.

Vinyl window and wall graphics easily adhere to any flat, smooth surface including glass and painted walls. (They also come off readily.) That makes them a versatile promotional solution for exterior-facing glass doors and windows. They’re also a great way to decorate interior glass doors and windows as well as painted walls in lobbies, arenas, concourses, hallways, locker rooms and more. 

Cutouts or profiles of star players are one popular application for sporting team wall graphics. "Feature walls" showcasing a collection of individual and team photos, winning plays, sports mascots, newspaper headlines and memorable quotes from players and coaches are another!

3. Step up your efforts with team floor graphics

Sports team floor graphics are perhaps most recognizable on basketball courts but their affordability and versatility make them attractive solutions for application almost anywhere. Mount them not only on your basketball or volleyball courts but also in reception rooms, entranceways, hallways and concourse areas. Generally, any type of flooring that is smooth and non-porous will make a great application surface for sports team mascot graphics.

Made of thin, adhesive vinyl with a printed, full-color design that faces upward, floor graphics arrive with a non-slip surface. Gloss laminate coverings and as well as scuff-preventive coatings help keep your advertising efforts intact and attractive, even underfoot of large crowds!

Select from long-term floor graphics for semi-permanent use or elect to go with shorter-term floor graphics for events. They may be just the thing to highlight a big game against a conference rival or alert people to an upcoming tournament. Graphics for your sports team are also a great way to celebrate a winning season: “Home of the Wildcats — This Season’s Conference Champions.” 

Banner4. Don’t miss the bus; remember vehicle graphics!

With versatile vinyl vehicle wraps, decals and lettering, every road game or other excursion becomes an opportunity to promote your team! 

Lower in cost than a custom paint job and relatively easy to remove even on leased cars, partial vehicle wraps or full vehicle wraps cover your team car or bus in a thin, can’t-miss layer of colorful vinyl graphics. You can even extend your team logo design or sports mascot image to your side and rear windows with one-way, see-through perforated window graphics.

Of course, the same qualities that make vehicle graphics a great choice for cars and busses also make them an excellent option for equipment trailers, golf carts and other vehicles associated with your team, stadium, arena or event. Do you operate an ice-resurfacing machine? Wrap it, too, with your sports team graphics or arena logo!

Hosting or sponsoring a tournament? Cover an entire fleet of courtesy or service vehicles with sports event promotional graphics for the weeks or months prior to the event to spread the word, attract interest and draw more fans! They may be just the ticket for a sell-out! 

Need help with sports team graphics? Count on the pros at Signs Now®!

Your full-service resource for signs and graphics of all types as well as creative design, quality production and expert installation, we’re ready to assist you any time with custom, affordable solutions. Contact us or drop in today to discover the many ways we can meet your needs.