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Graphics & Outdoor Signs in Chapel Hill

Graphics & Outdoor Signs in Chapel Hill

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Put your company on display for all the world to see!

Your outdoor signs communicate a lot about your business. That's why they can play a big part in your company's visibility and reputation, as well as the amount of foot traffic you get. Make the most of your signs with help from Signs Now Chapel Hill. We offer a wide range of options for outdoor signs, whether you're located in Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsboro, or another nearby area in NC. All our solutions have one thing in common: they will help you boost your image, promote your brand, and drive sales. 

Why are Outdoor Signs Important?

The right outdoor sign can help your business in many ways, including the following:

  1. They brand your business.
    Your sign says a lot more about your business than simply its name. It communicates quality, credibility, and personality. If you have a colorful, eye-catching sign, it can also work for you 24/7, branding your business in a positive way.
  2. They sharpen your competitive edge. 
    With so much competition on the market, you need to stand out. A great sign will help you do that. In fact, studies have shown a third of customers say they go to a business after seeing an outdoor sign or graphic. Increasing foot traffic can be a game-changer for your business.
  3. They're an affordable way to advertise. 
    Advertising is expensive these days. However, when you invest in quality outdoor signs, the cost per impression is actually far lower than many other marketing channels in the Chapel Hill area. 

Common Types of Outdoor Signs

With Signs Now Chapel Hill, the options are limitless, from design and materials to colors, font types, and more. Some of the most popular outdoor sign solutions customers turn to us for include: 

  • Awnings & Canopies 
  • Architectural & Monument Signs 
  • Building Signs & Wraps
  • Channel Letters 
  • Dimensional Lettering 
  • Digital Signs & LED Displays
  • Routed Wood Signs 
  • Fabric Banners 
  • Lightboxes 
  • Metal Signs 
  • Post, Panel, & Pylon Signs 

Outdoor Sign Tips

Signs Now Chapel Hill also offers tips and recommendations on everything related to your sign. For instance, we'll advise you on exactly where to place it, so it is most visible to those passing by, whether on foot or in cars.

We'll also provide recommendations for sizing, colors, font types, and more. You'll want fonts that are easy to read, as well as messaging that is concise and compelling. It's also important to avoid a generic sign and instead take a chance with something unique. 

Whatever your outdoor sign needs for your location, you can count on Signs Now Chapel Hill for a full-service solution, from designing and permitting to installation and more. We can even further enhance your signs with backlighting or other illumination. That way, your signs are highly visible around the clock.

Ready to take the next step? We’re your local source for all your outdoor signs in Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, Cary, Pittsboro, Research Triangle Park, Mebane, Burlington, and nearby areas in NC. Call Signs Now Chapel Hill at (919) 929-0702 today for a free consultation. 

Call Signs Now Chapel Hill at (919) 929-0702 for more information.

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