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Pylon Signs

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Raise the advertising bar with custom pylon signs.

Often seen towering over the parking lots of strip malls and shopping plazas, pylon signs do more than just impress. These tall, freestanding structures inform passing motorists and pedestrians of your presence from hundreds of feet away. Durable, visible, and versatile, pylon signs (also known as pole signs) can be double-sided or single-sided, and traditionally feature an illuminated lightbox on top.

The defining feature of a pylon sign is its rigid face, supported by either one or two metal poles. Large enough to carry panels representing multiple businesses, pylon signage is sure to draw attention from customers who might have otherwise overlooked stores beyond their intended destination.

At Signs Now Evansville, we design and manufacture high-impact cabinet faces for your pylon signs, whether they consist of polycarbonate, acrylic, aluminum or a flex-face backlit material. What’s more, many of our Signs Now locations offer electrical and installation work, so you don’t have to worry about contracting multiple companies for a single sign.

Remember: not all municipalities permit high-flying signage, so a review with your local government regarding height ordinances and permitting requirements will be in order. Or you can give us a call – our team of signage experts knows the ins and outs of local limitations and restrictions.

What are the different types of pylon signs?

At Signs Now Evansville, we have a wide variety of pylon signs that can be customized to fit into your overall marketing strategy. These include:

  • Single-pole mount pylon signs – Want a classic design that’s both economical and monolithic? Single-pole mount pylon signs are perfect for those looking to stand out among high-rise structures. They typically stand as tall as eighty feet, though some stretch up to one-hundred feet.
  • Twin-pole mount pylon signs – Some say two is always better than one. Well, in the world of pylon signs, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, two poles provide greater rigidity and added strength, but some marketers just prefer the symmetry of a two-pole design. We can’t blame them!
  • Covered-pole pylon signs – If you don’t like the visual appeal of an exposed aluminum pole, you can cover the structural supports in a variety of creative ways. Signs Now Evansville can fabricate a custom, personalized cover that’ll match your business’s aesthetic.
  • Custom lightbox pole signs – These pole signs resemble monument signs in their robust construction and placement near entrances/exits. They are often employed by shopping centers and malls to display the names and logos of tenant businesses.

What are the most common applications for pylon signs?

One of the more versatile forms of roadside and exterior signage, pylon signs from Signs Now Evansville work successfully within a variety of different environments, including:

  • Bars
  • Business parks
  • Car dealerships
  • Car washes
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Industrial complexes
  • Malls
  • Mechanic shops
  • Movie theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping plazas
  • Truck stops

Is there a difference between pylon signage and monument signage?

One of the key differences between these types of signage is height. You can expect a monument sign to be about as tall as a person, whereas pylon signs tend to be higher than the surrounding buildings (although high-density, urban areas are an exception to the rule).

Monument signs have a solid-appearing base, rather than metal poles for support. This gives the monument sign a more sophisticated appearance, but with less visibility.

So, the type of outdoor signage you select will largely depend on your objectives. Are you trying to attract newcomers? Go with pylon. Are you working to impress visitors? A monument sign may be the solution for you.

How else can I customize my pylon sign?

  • Adding an LED message board can offer motorists even greater value, displaying crucial information such as ambient temperature, time, and weather conditions. You can also program any message you’d like, allowing you to gear your copy toward your target customer.
  • Incorporate masonry into your pylon sign to capture some of the elegance of traditional monument signage.
  • Illumination from a lightbox, or via spotlights positioned on the ground, will help drivers discern the fine details of your pylon sign late at night.

Ready to take the next step with pylon signs?

Contact us today and set up a free quote. We’ll discuss your needs and find the solution best-suited to your business. You can count on Signs Now Evansville for measurement, design, and permitting (when required) as well as mounting or installation. Every location is a local source for custom graphics, signage and displays. Second-to-none in delivery time and quality signs, at Signs Now ® Evansville we take pole signs seriously.  

Call Signs Now Evansville at (812) 473-5155 for more information.


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The staff went above and beyond to help us. We were extremely happy with our signs and exceeding our delivery expectations!!!

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