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Take your brand to new heights with custom banners and flags. 

Most marketers already know about the many benefits banners offer including their ability to reach a large number of people both outdoors and indoors, to spur purchases, and to build brand awareness without high upfront costs. Signs Now Plymouth is your local resource for the design and production of banners and flags.

But what makes the advertising message of a banner or flag fly high, rather than sputter to the ground? There are a number of factors – such as size, color, shape and material – that must all work together in harmony. At Signs Now Plymouth, we know the ins and outs of custom banner design and can help guide you and your company to a successful graphic solution. 

What kinds of banners are there? 

The creative team at Signs Now Plymouth can produce a custom banner for any occasion, it’s important to know what options are available. Some of our most popular options include: 

  • Vinyl banners have been a mainstay of marketing for decades, and advancements in printing technology have made them more affordable. They are typically more suited for outdoor use, thanks to their ability to resist weathering – but they can be used indoors, too. 
  • Fabric banners are almost exclusively used indoors, as they’re not quite as hardy as their vinyl counterparts. However, they can display stunning graphics that stand out in well-lighted interior spaces. 
  • Feather flags are typically printed vertically and installed on stakes for outdoor use. They are great for use outside of businesses. They’re also called flutter flags due to how they catch the wind and dynamically flutter to catch attention. 
  • Step & repeat banners are most often seen at promotional outings featuring a large press presence. Public relations representatives and photographers often need a neutral background, and event holders will use this as a branding opportunity. Designed to feature a logo or design repeated along a single-color backdrop to create advertising and uniformity. 
  • Mesh banners are a subtype of vinyl banner that is printed on vinyl mesh. They are primarily used outdoors due to their wind-resistant nature. They are woven in a cross pattern, which allows wind to pass through, preventing them from flying away in breezy conditions. 
  • Suspended banners are made of vinyl or fabric and are often printed in a large or oversized fashion and hung from ceilings. Suspended banners can easily draw attention where you want it inside large stores or at trade shows. 

What are the most popular uses for banners? 

Outdoors, banners are often seen promoting events, such as grand openings or new product launches, or limited-time sales at local retail shops and restaurants. They’re also often seen at sporting events to help promote the home team. Thanks to how easily they grab attention from afar, banners have long been a popular roadside advertising option – one that can be used again in the future due to how easily they can be stored away! 

Inside, banners are commonly seen hanging from walls or ceilings during industry events or trade shows as part of a larger booth display. However, you can also use them inside your retail location to help promote new products or simply designate different departments in a highly-visible way. 

What else should I consider when designing a banner? 

If you plan on suspending your banner from a ceiling or wall, you’ll need a way to hang them. You’ll want to think logistically about your specific venue and scenario – will there be ample room for a pole to extend from a wall, or will you have to employ wire or rope to hang your banner from above? 

Plus, you’ll also want to consider whether you’ll be hanging your banner flat against a wall, or in a location where it might be viewed from both sides. A double-sided freestanding banner will often gain more impressions than a single-sided one, so it’s something to keep in mind. 

As part of the design and consultation process, the team at Signs Now Plymouth will help you answer all these questions and design the ideal solution you require.

When you’re ready to take the next step with banners for your business or organization, call on the creative team at Signs Now Plymouth to set up a free consultation! 

Call Signs Now Plymouth at (763) 746-0020 for more information.

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