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Floor Graphics in Plymouth

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Improve your branding from the ground up with custom floor graphics. 

When real estate for more traditional wall or window signage strategies is at a premium, there’s no better substitute than floor graphics from Signs Now Plymouth. In fact, custom floor decals can sometimes provide a more effective marketing alternative, as they’re rarely anticipated – and, as a result, rarely ignored. 

But advertising isn’t the only thing these attention-grabbers are good for. Floor decals can be used to improve wayfinding, alert employees and guests to potential hazards and even highlight promotional items in a retail environment. This versatility comes courtesy of a bevy of styles, sizes, shapes and typography for you to take advantage of. 

What are floor graphics made from? 

Floor graphics from Signs Now Plymouth consist of a thin, adhesive vinyl with a printed, full-color design facing upward. They operate like a typical sticker would, though are designed with durability in mind.  

By design, the floor decals we create have strong longevity, with gloss laminate coverings, scratch resistance and scuff-preventative coatings to help keep your advertising efforts intact – even under the feet of large crowds. However, we understand that not every application requires a permanent installation, which is why we offer short-term and long-term options depending on your specific needs. 

How long do floor graphics last? 

With proper care and maintenance – including routine cleaning and the absence of vehicle traffic on top of your graphics – long-term floor decals can last from three to five years. However, you may want to replace them sooner if you wish them to retain their original luster. 

If your floor decals are placed in direct sunlight, you should anticipate replacing them sooner. Even with fade-resistant ink, ultraviolet rays can cause discoloration and fading over time if your graphics remain in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

Where should I place floor graphics? 

Floor graphics from Signs Now Plymouth are non-slick and slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about placing them in areas of high pedestrian traffic. However, they are designed primarily for interior use. That doesn't mean you can't place them outdoors. It just means you can't expect them to last as long outdoors as they would inside. 

Also, not all surfaces are conducive to vinyl adhesive. You want to avoid placing your floor decals on surfaces like carpet, concrete or other permeable stone. Generally, any kind of flooring that is smooth and non-porous makes for an ideal application surface for your floor decals. 

Contact Signs Now Plymouth to set up a free consultation to discuss available options for floor graphics and decals. 

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