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Window Graphics

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Window Graphics
Window graphics are an effective way to advertise and influence customer purchasing decisions. Signs Now Plymouth produces beautiful window graphics that help many businesses run successful advertising campaigns. Our window decals enforce branding and help increase sales.

Make your marketing message crystal-clear with window graphics.

Storefront windows are an effective way to showcase your latest product line, flash sales, and special events, so why not enhance their effect with custom graphics and decals? From simple lettering to etched-glass graphics, window decals offer the ability to maximize your signage real estate, inside and out. Decoration, information messaging, branding or event advertisement -- at Signs Now, we can provide a solution for every situation utilizing our personalized design process, communicative consultation team, and head-turning visual results.

As a business looking for foot traffic, perhaps you've considered alternatives: hand-painting, repurposed signs, banners, or even shoe polish.

But remember, most signage is primarily freestanding and as such, can unintentionally block portions of a window or glass pane. Not to mention, signs displayed behind a window can suffer from visibility issues, and are often perceived as less professional or even shoddy.

Likewise, hand-painted windows, while beautiful, inhibit your ability to change promotional at the drop of a hat. If your window painting falls out-of-date with your current sales event, you could be looking at a headache until the artist returns.

Whether they're perforated, semi-transparent, or partial, window graphics are durable and adaptable for any number of business occasions. And if you have a landlord who is strict about permanent fixtures and signage, vinyl graphics can be removed with relative ease.

What are the different types of window graphics?

When we say "window graphics," we're referring to wide swaths of multi-faceted decals and signage. However, everybody has a certain image that they associate with the term "window graphics" -- frosted glass in an office lobby, a retail vinyl display depicting happy customers, or the name of a coffee shop in vinyl lettering.

The reality is that many different styles of window graphics exist for almost any application you can dream up. Here are the four most common types:

1. Etched glass vinyl

  • Recall the elegance of a front glass window with a frosted appearance. While acid etching and sandblasting are still popular methods of imparting translucence to glass, you were likely looking at an etched glass vinyl treatment.
  • This treatment also goes by the monikers frosted crystal vinyl, dusted crystal vinyl, or frosted translucent vinyl. Don’t worry – there’s no quiz at the end!
  • The primary benefit of etched glass vinyl is privacy. The vinyl decal diffuses light, inhibiting outsiders from discerning individuals or objects outside of basic shapes.

2. Perforated vinyl

  • Perforated vinyl decals contain numerous micropunctures, covering around 50% of your graphics overall. As with etched glass, privacy is the primary motivational factor for purchasing perforated vinyl. However, unlike privacy film, people are able to look from the inside of the establishment outward, but not vice versa.
  • Perforated vinyl also has the capacity to display full-color, intricate designs, logos, and promotional messaging, as opposed etched glass, which is relegated to geometric shapes and patterns.

3. Opaque vinyl

  • The most common of the vinyl decal types, opaque vinyl cannot be seen through at all. Now, that doesn’t mean in has to cover your entire window – the team at Signs Now can cut opaque vinyl down to any shape your heart desires.
  • However, if you feel that space for branding or advertising is more important than visibility of the great outdoors, or if you highly value discretion in your business operations, opaque vinyl is a great fit.

4. Static window clings

  • These are more suitable for temporary applications. Very temporary. If your company has consistent flash sales, rotating business hours, or similar events, window clings will work wonders.
  •  The material can be applied with water, and peeled off in a matter of seconds. Though the adhesive may not hold up for a long time, window clings more than make up for their impermanence with the ability to be repositioned.

What are the most popular uses for window graphics and decals?

  • Brand awareness
  • Decoration
  • Directional signage
  • Display of popular menu items
  • Entrance and exit indication
  • Informational messaging
  • Cubicle and office labeling
  • Privacy
  • Sales promotions
  • Showcasing contact information
  • Solidarity for teams in stadiums and arenas

How do I maintain my window graphics?

Most window decals do not require regular maintenance, although you may want to clean the vinyl material on occasion. Simply wet a non-abrasive (preferably microfiber) rag or cloth and wipe the window graphics down in a circular motion.

Avoid using power washers, squeegees, or mops to scrub the decal down. Watch out for sharp edges, as they can get caught on cleaning implements and subsequently peel.

Ready to take the next step with window graphics and decals?

With our professional window signs, you can turn your windows into an advertising platform for attracting new customers and increasing sales. Window decals and signs are cost-effective tools that you can use to give your business a boost. Whether it's a one-time graphic or an entire project’s worth of signage and displays, count on Signs Now Plymouth.

Call Signs Now Plymouth at (763) 746-0020 for more information.

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