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Electric Signs in Plymouth

Illuminate your branding with LED & electric signs for your business.

The LED signs that Signs Now Plymouth creates are very bright indoor or outdoor displays that emit light. They are suitable for small and large displays and are very energy-efficient and cost-effective. LED signs for businesses help stores improve the look of their facility. These signs are waterproof and can safely be installed outdoors. LED company signs are very bright and can display important information that will be visible at night or in direct sunlight. The brightness of these signs keeps them readable from great distances.

At Signs Now Plymouth, we will help you design and customize an LED sign for your business. LED signs can display scrolling information, rotate full screens or show a static display. These outdoor, lighted signs deliver information to the passing public or traffic. They are a great tool in brand advertising. Helping your business stand out from the competition, LED business signs will make your store an effective place for doing business. New LED technology has become very popular all over the world for its effectiveness and low cost. At Signs Now Plymouth, we can build a custom LED sign for your business that will support your marketing efforts.

LED business signs can be placed on a window inside the store facing outside or installed outdoor on a pole or frame. Either installation will make your LED store sign visible day and night and attract customers.

Create Ambiance with Striking Backlit Signage from Signs Now


Make your brand shine and create ambiance in your space with stunning backlit signage from Signs Now. Our backlit signage combines quality materials and captivating design to ensure your message shines brightly. Perfect for lobbies, reception areas, or any indoor setting, our custom-designed backlit signage adds a touch of brilliance to your surroundings.  Let your message take center stage with our eye-catching backlit signage that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (763) 746-0020 or fill out a quote form today to take the next step for expert help from Signs Now Plymouth on your signage project!

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Providing LED & Electric Signs for Business to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas

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Very easy to work with! They listened to my idea and brought it to life in a timely manner. They also were very clear and consistent with communication.

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