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Vehicle Wraps in Plymouth

Take your brand on the road with custom vehicle wraps. 

Made of thin, custom-printed vinyl, a vehicle wrap from Signs Now is the perfect choice for turning your car, truck, trailer or van into a roving billboard. Wrapped in your company’s logo and graphics, they’ll deliver your message to the audiences that matter most. 

Studies have shown that vehicle warps are one of the most cost-effective and influential marketing choices available. Plus, vinyl wraps are an affordable alternative to traditional custom paint jobs, meaning that you’re not just paying less at the outset, but getting more back. And unlike paint, our wraps can peel off to restore your vehicle to its original finish. 

Both full and partial wraps from Signs Now are completely customizable to your creative whims, so they can serve as the right advertisement for your business whether you’re at a red light or cruising down the highway. Our bright, vibrant vinyl is resistant to both ultraviolet rays and severe weather, and has the proven durability to last. 

When you’re ready to take the next step for your business vehicles, schedule a free consultation with Signs Now Plymouth.

Full Vehicle Wraps

A full wrap will completely cover your vehicle in graphics and lettering to promote your company. This is a great choice for when you need just one car to make a big impact, or when you want to create a uniform look across your entire fleet of vehicles. 

Full wraps are a popular choice for company cars and delivery vans, as well as trucks and trailers that see a lot of time out on the road. And don’t worry about when it’s time to replace or upgrade an older car – our wraps are easily removed, without damaging your paint. 

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Just like full wraps, partial wraps are completely customizable to your design specifications. We can create a solution that covers just a minimal amount of your car or truck, or one that extends to 75% of the surface area – our design team will ensure a sharp design that stays true to your brand while staying on budget. 

A partial wrap can be designed to work with the natural flow of your car in order to create a lasting impact, and you can further accent your wrap’s design with spot graphics or vinyl window graphics for a complete look. 

Call Signs Now Plymouth at (763) 746-0020 for more information.

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