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10 Storefront Sign Ideas To Make Your Business Stand Out


Looking for storefront sign ideas for your business? The experts at Signs Now know the importance of attracting prospective customers to your store. In this article, we share 10 store signage ideas that will help you capture the attention of nearby motorists and pedestrians.

Some of the most effective (and cool) types of storefront signs are 3D signs, window graphics and pylon signs coupled with temporary solutions like A-frame signs and outdoor banners. Continue reading for 10 store signage ideas that will make a positive impression (and even turn heads).

1. Use A-frames to drive foot traffic and supplement permanent signage

A-frame storefront sign for phone repair store

Many businesses purchase A-frame store signs to attract customers walking by their store. Typically, a business will use this type of retail signage idea to advertise one of its promotions or one of its most popular products or services. One common type of A-frame sign businesses use is an A-frame marker board, which allows business owners to easily handwrite and erase their message using dry-erase or wet-erase markers.

2. Use window graphics to promote your mobile app, social media page, and more

Window graphics promoting mobile banking application

Connecting customers with your company's mobile application or social media pages is key to building customer loyalty and keeping your business top of mind in your customers' lives. The storefront is a great place to advertise these points of connection, whether through window graphics or a storefront sign.

3. Communicate the Affordable Price of Your Product or Service

storefront sign idea for car wash

Is the price of your product or service lower than your competitors' price? Communicating the compelling price of your product or service may help you attract new customers. In addition, it shows prospective customers that your business values affordability and seeks customers of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

4. Advertise Your Rewards Program or Business Hours

window graphics for pizza restaurant

Storefront windows provide ample space to let customers know that you're open late at night (or early in the morning). They are also commonly used to promote a rewards program. Window graphics do not require regular maintenance, and unlike hand-painted windows, vinyl window decals can be removed easily. Popular types of window storefront materials include etched glass vinyl, perforated vinyl, and opaque vinyl.

5. Use Color Contrast to Competitively Position Your Brand

disaster restoration business storefront sign

Using contrasting colors in your storefront sign is an effective way to communicate an important message about your business. In the picture above, notice that the word "Leader" is darkened among grey letters. Businesses can also use color contrast to emphasize their quick customer service, affordability, or their long history as a company.

Check out our Sign Visibility blog to learn more about color contrast and other ways to make your sign visible.

6. Express Your Brand’s Creativity Through an Attractive Logo

business lettering and logo storefront sign

Customers love companies that express a strong brand image through a creative logo. What better way to promote your company's logo than through a storefront sign? An attractive logo provides a unique, memorable symbol to customers of your business's style.

Stuck on ideas? See our Bring Your Logo To Life Infographic for some inspiration.

7. Use 3D channel letters to promote your company's name, products, or services

Storefront sign with 3D channel letters promoting insurance agency

Using 3D metal or plastic channel letters for your business's name will help your business stand out visually with prospective customers. Only 3D lettering can effectively communicate the elegance and style of your brand to prospective customers.

8. Use illumination to brighten up your brand round-the-clock

Illuminated storefront sign

Nothing sticks out to customers more at night than a tasteful illuminated sign. If your business operates during the nightime, illumination is a necessary characteristic of your business's storefront sign.

9. Install or upgrade a monument sign

storefront monument sign upgrade for body shop

Commonly used as welcoming gateways for apartment complexes, shopping centers, and industrial parks, custom monument signs improve the value of your business's property and also provide the first impression of your business. A carefully planned, crafted, and installed monument sign delivers a powerful message to customers that won't be forgotten.

If you already have a monument sign, it can be upgraded to more closely reflect your company's brand. The picture above demonstrates the significant visual difference that an upgraded monument sign can provide for a business.

10. Take advantage of all your available signage space

Storefront sign for rehabilitation company

Is your business using all of its potential signage space? If it's not, that's a missed opportunity. As seen in the example above, installing a logo on both sides of your building can help drive increased traffic to your store.

Get Customized Storefront Sign Ideas for Your Business

From consultation and sign design to installation, Signs Now can guide your business through every step of its sign project. Our licensed and insured professionals create customized signs that bring your brand to life, using state-of-the-art technology.

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