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Four Ways Office Signs Can Improve Your Workspace


Let's Get Creative


Office signs play a very important role in the unique appearance and overall functionality of your office space. Not only do they convey brand identity, but they also improve safety, motivate employees, direct visitors and build customer interest in your products and services.

An office with no signage can affect employee motivation and efficiency, as well as damage customer relations. With the right design, an office sign can create a welcoming, exciting atmosphere that benefits employees, customers and, most importantly, your business.

reception office sign

How Can Your Business Use Office Signs?

1. Welcome Visitors at the Reception Area

The reception desk and lobby are your first chance to make a lasting impression on anyone who walks through your doors. This is where you can design office signage that represents your brand and welcomes visitors. From colorful wall graphics to displaying your company’s history, there are tons of opportunities to be creative with reception and lobby signs.

2. Put Your Brand On Display With Office Signs

Indoor business signs are a great way to make your office feel like your own space. They can be fully customized with your logo and convey your company’s mission statement, tagline or core values. Ideally, branded signage should be scattered throughout your office, starting at the entrance and spanning through the hallways to create an office that reflects your unique brand identity.

3. Create Clear Navigation With Directional Signs

A lack of wayfinding and directional signs can confuse visitors and make it difficult to navigate your office space, so make sure everyone finds their way with eye-catching wayfinding signage. This also includes office name plates that identify room names throughout the building – including employee offices, conference rooms and break rooms. Use your brand logo or colors to customize the signs and reinforce your image.

directory office sign

4. ADA Signs and Safety Signs

A lack of safety signs and clear exit signs can lead to workplace accidents and injuries as well as confusion during emergencies. Additionally, ADA signs ensure that your office is accessible to everyone and adheres to ADA regulations.

Transform Your Space With Custom Office Signs

Office signs are an integral part of creating a warm and exciting atmosphere at your business. Our team of experts at Signs Now can bring your creative vision to life with custom office signage that reflects your unique brand and meets your design goals. Contact us today to get started!