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Enhance your space with creative, custom fabric banners. 

When it comes to indoor advertising, few marketing strategies produce an impression as long-lasting as fabric banners. Custom banners from Signs Now are often constructed out of polyester or satin, which gives them a luxurious sheen and wrinkle-resistant pliability, all while handling vibrant, eye-catching graphics. 

At Signs Now, we use a dye-sublimation process, which transfers dye onto the fabric via heat. As a result, our banners produce true, continuous tones, rather than the dithering associated with inkjet printers. For those unfamiliar with the printing process, this means your business or organization’s imagery and messaging will have a smoother transition between colors, as well as less color banding. 

This characteristic, coupled with the tightness of the polyester weave, allows for mesmerizing display quality. If you’re looking to make an elegant first impression, look no further. 

How do fabric banners compare to vinyl? 

Perhaps you’ve decided on purchasing a banner, but are still torn on the material. After all, vinyl can be used both indoors and out. 

If you are planning on setting up a display indoors in your store or at a trade show, these banners are going to look better in almost every situation. They facilitate easy set-up and teardown if you’re at an industry show or major event, since they can be folded and fitted into a smaller space. 

Fabric banners are lighter than vinyl banners, meaning they’re easy to fold up and store away, and can be transported without much difficulty. They also have the ability to display a sharper, brighter image than just about any other banner material. 

But outdoors, vinyl is king. Even in ideal weather conditions, fabric banners tend to become translucent in the sunlight, obscuring the work of your graphic designers and obfuscating your messaging. Excess moisture can cause colors to fade, and under windy weather, polyester can be ripped apart making vinyl ideal for outdoor applications. 

How long do fabric banners last? 

At Signs Now, we know numerous variables can contribute to the premature wear of the material, the fading of dyes and the loss of overall vibrancy. However, even with these variables, our custom indoor fabric banners should be able to last for three years or more. 

Still, even in an outdoor environment, a fabric banner will last about a year before the ink begins to fade. If this is not an acceptable duration of time for your business, we recommend a vinyl banner instead. 

Ready to take the next step on custom fabric banners for your business or organization? Contact Signs Now to set up a free consultation. 

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