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Feather Flags & Flutter Flags

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Keep your messaging and graphics short and breezy with custom feather flags. 

A close relative to the banner, custom feather flags have been used for centuries to denote allegiance to nations, teams, causes, companies and more. And while they’ve performed this job dutifully, they also make great additions to your wayfinding, advertising and roadside signage strategy. 

When used outdoors, feather flags and pennants call attention to your business because they’re often in motion. At Signs Now, we can custom design feather flags to your specifications, whether you plan on using them every day or just to promote a limited-time offer. 

What material is used to make a feather flag and base? 

While we can make a feather flag banner out of any material you’d like, we recommend polyester, as it’s durable, and resistant to inclement weather and UV rays. 

You'll also need to consider the type of base you want for your flag. Feather flags can have square bases, cross bases, cross bases with added weight, and/or ground stakes.

Square bases are best on flat, smooth surfaces, making them an ideal choice for indoor environments. Need stability outdoors? Stakes are the way to go, assuming your flag will be situated on a porous terrain. 

Cross bases are better suited to indoor environments, though they can be placed almost anywhere if they’re weighted. If you plan on experimenting with different locations, or transporting your flags regularly, a cross base is likely your best option. 

Last but not least, the flagpole determines the rigidity of your flag’s material. Aluminum is a sturdy, yet lightweight metal that facilitates quick setup and teardown, and is what we recommend for most orders. 

How long do feather flags last? 

As with anything else regularly exposed to precipitation, wind and UV rays, it can be difficult to predict the longevity of your outdoor flags. Though feather flags may seem easy and breezy, they do need proper maintenance to keep looking their best. 

You should avoid leaving your feather flags out in the rain or snow for any extended period of time. Wet fabric becomes heavier, which strains the stitching and can potentially cause tearing. 

When cared for properly, you can expect your flags to last two years or more. 

Can I buy regular flags instead of feather flags? 

Of course! We’re glad you asked. At Signs Now, we can help design a classic rectangular flag to represent your company, club, association, sports team, or just about anything else. Our graphic design team knows the best way to incorporate your logo into whatever kind of flag you may need. 

When you’re ready to take the next step on flags, pennants, feather flags or any other graphic need you may have, contact Signs Now to set up a free consultation. 

Call Signs Now at (844) 947-4467 for more information.

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