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Colorful Floor Graphics for Social Distancing
  • Colorful Floor Graphics for Social Distancing
  • Wait Here Social Distancing Sign
  • Social Distancing Floor Signage
  • Elevator Graphics for Social Distancing
  • Elevator and Floor Graphics for Social Distancing
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics for Public School Corridor
  • Chair Covers for Social Distancing
  • Social Distancing Graphics in Corridor
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics - Please Stand Here
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics for Credit Union Exterior
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics in Retail Environment
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics Bilingual English and Spanish
  • One Way Social Distancing Signs
  • Social Distancing Graphics
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphic for Waiting in Line
  • Stay Safe Social Distancing Floor Graphic
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics for Cafeteria
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphic Outside
  • Social Distancing Graphic with Six Feet Apart Guidelines
  • Social Distancing Floor Decal
  • Practice Social Distancing Pedestal Sign in Retail Environment
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics in Retail Environment
  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics for Arena

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Social Distancing Signs

Signs Now provides Social Distancing Signs to customers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

As the 2020 coronavirus crisis subsides and lockdowns begin to end, businesses and consumers will need to continue practicing proper social distancing guidelines, as outlined by the CDC, in order to prevent another wave of infections.

Given that these guidelines may be in place long into the future, it is integral that companies invest in a proper signage plan now, so they can adequately meet the demands of the guidelines. This will ensure that anyone entering your office, facility or building space is following best practices.

Click the links below to browse various sign and graphic options that Signs Now offers to help with social distancing.

Need assistance with custom designs or developing a communication strategy? Let us know your specific needs and we can recommend the best solutions to keep you, your staff and your visitors safe.

Call us at (844) 947-4467 and let Signs Now  be your partner as you navigate these new waters. By using signs to strengthen local social distancing efforts, we can work together to keep our communities safe. 

+Floor Graphics and Decals

From guiding shoppers through a floorspace to reminding those at checkout to maintain a six feet perimeter, vinyl floor graphics and decals are a great way to help customers and employees practice safe social distancing protocols.

Many retail establishments are also using floor graphics to enforce one-way foot traffic rules in each aisle, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Clear graphics at the ends of each aisle are a great way to alert shoppers and encourage them to think carefully about their movements! If your business exists on multiple stories, combine floor graphics with elevator graphics to further instill good practices.

While regular tape and stationary may seem like a sufficient temporary solution, they aren’t designed to endure significant foot and cart traffic. Signs Now uses high-quality vinyl materials with an anti-slip laminate, ensuring our floor decals will stay in place and even withstand the increased cleaning efforts you’re undertaking.

+A-Frame Signs and Free-Standing Displays

A-frame signs are a great way to reinforce social distancing efforts from the roadside or just outside your doorstep. If you plan to limit the amount of customers entering at one time, A-frames can indicate where they need to wait before entering. A-Frames are also highly effective for communicating curbside pickup instructions, or announcing that walk-ins are welcome (or not!).

Indoors, free-standing displays can remind visitors of social distancing principles as soon the moment they enter, while also directing them to hand sanitizer dispensers and other safe, sanitary spaces.

+Counter Protection Screens and More

For reception desks, checkout stands and customer service stations, we can create social distancing counter protection screens. These create a physical barrier that protects both staff and customers from coughing, sneezing and other airborne contaminants. Reusable and easy to clean, they're available as permanent or temporary installations, and will provide peace of mind to hygiene-conscious visitors. We can also create a cut-out space at the bottom of the panel to allow for transactions.

Window Graphics

If the ever-changing health crisis has forced you to change your opening hours, operating procedures and promotions, window graphics are a great way to communicate such changes clearly from the street. Keeping customers informed allows them to better plan for their trip and potentially visit during off-peak times. 

Call Signs Now at (844) 947-4467 for more information.